Nothing phone (1)’s Glyph Interface Adds More to Notifications LEDs!

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The Nothing phone (1) is set to arrive on July 12 and ahead of this, the Carl Pei-led company has given us enough to keep the anticipation afloat. Last week, we got a clear (pun intended!) look at the company’s first phone and we can safely say that it’s interesting! Adding more to this, the smartphone has now appeared in a recent MKBHD video and this is purely meant to explain how its notification LEDs will work, which were shown off recently too. Spoiler alert, it’s pretty amusing! Here’s all you need to know.

All About Nothing phone (1)’s Glyph Interface

As revealed previously, the Nothing phone (1) has a transparent back, which neatly gives us a glimpse of its internals like the wireless charging coil while taking inspiration from the iPhone 12. What appears even more attractive is the mouse-like shape (comprising a small C around the camera setup, a larger C around the charging coil, an exclamation mark at the bottom, and a dash in the top right corner) formed by over 900 LED lights. If you remember Nothing phone (1)’s announcement event, this shape was the only visual element that was teased back then.

Now, this LED setup will illuminate and this won’t be just for the visual appeal. This is meant to glow for calls, messages, and more app notifications. The LED lights will glow either fully or partially. For instance, the lights around the charging coil will glow when the phone is being used for wireless or reverse wireless charging and the exclamation mark will light up when the phone is connected to a charger with a charging indicator as well. Plus, there’s a red LED, which is a video recording indicator. The full glow-up can prove useful if you want to use the LED lights as fill lights while taking photos and videos.

You should know that the LED lights won’t be illuminated constantly. To reactivate them, you can use the ‘Flip to Glyph’ functionality by simply wiggling the phone a bit. You can check out the video for a better idea.

This is what Nothing calls the Glyph Interface. The Glyph Interface is a part of the Settings and allows for various customizations. You can configure the LED lights, set ringtones for various functionalities (up to 10 are available), and more. You will also be able to assign the ringtones and parts of the LED light setup to certain contacts for you to easily identify the person calling or texting you without really checking the display.

We can expect more customization options at the time of launch or maybe, via future software updates. The video also gives us a look at the phone (1)’s front, which has a cornered-placed hole-punch and nothing too extraordinary. From the looks of it, the Nothing phone (1) is a head-turner but it remains to be seen how well this concept is received and whether or not it is able to persuade people into making the purchase.

The Nothing phone (1) will be powered by a Snapdragon chipset, run Nothing OS based on Android, and have loads of more exciting features. More details are expected to be out at the company’s July 12 event. So, stay tuned for all the disclosure you need. And if you are interested, you can participate in the latest auction to get the limited edition of the phone (1) via StockX. Only 100 units are available, though. Visit Nothing’s website to know more about this. Do share your thoughts on the device’s intriguing notification LEDs in the comments below.

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