NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor Scans the Dark Web for Security Breaches

NordVPN's Dark Web Monitor Scans the Dark Web for Security Breaches
Image: NordVPN

With the increasing number of security breaches, it has become essential to protect your privacy on the internet. To help you in this process, NordVPN, one of the popular VPN apps, has added a new security feature it calls ‘Dark Web Monitor’. The feature aims to detect if your personal data got exposed on the dark web.

Dark Web Monitor continuously scans the dark web for credentials associated with your email address. This way, you don’t have to manually initiate scans and the app does all the heavy lifting for you. Once it detects a breach, you will receive an alert urging you to change the password. You might have to change passwords for other accounts as well if you have the habit of reusing passwords across multiple platforms.

“Awareness is the first step towards security. That’s where NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor steps in. It does the work for you by scanning the dark web and alerting you about exposed credentials that may belong to you. This way, you can take action immediately to protect yourself,” explains the company.

To get started, open NordVPN and go to its Settings page. In the Settings, you will see a new ‘Dark Web Monitor’ toggle. You can then switch the toggle to enable the feature for your account. If you’re not seeing the toggle, make sure your app is updated from the App Store.

NordVPN’s Dark Web Monitor is now available on its official app for iOS. The company has plans to bring the feature to its Android app in the future.

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