Nintendo Switch Will Be Capable of Streaming PC Games

Nintendo Switch is without a doubt, a great portable gaming console. However, it’s pretty much limited to a few games at the present, and just like any other console, you can’t use it to play PC games on them. Well, that’s going to change (sort of) with the release of an app, called Rainway. The app is being developed by Andrew Sampson, who is already known for his work on Borderless Gaming and Steam Cleaner applications.

Rainway will run on pretty much any device with a web browser. That being said, native apps for iOS, Android, Xbox and especially the Nintendo Switch are currently being developed for an even more seamless experience. The developer promises to release the app on the Nintendo eShop. However, we doubt if Nintendo would even allow such an app to be made available on their digital store.

Nintendo Switch Will Be Capable of Streaming PC Games

As far as compatibility goes, Rainway should be able to run on any modern PC as long as the graphics card is capable of handling DirectX 11. Although the developer claims a frame rate of 60 fps while streaming these games, we think that it will totally depend on your PC hardware and your internet connection. Apart from this, you don’t need additional hardware to play all your PC games right from the comfort of your couch.

Regarding how Rainway works, it’ll be as simple as visiting the app or website, logging in with your account and start playing games right away. Rainway will handle everything from configuring the network to securing the connection. This might sound similar to how Plex streams your media library from your PC. We’ve also seen similar stuff from NVIDIA, letting you stream PC games to SHIELD devices.

Rainway will be completely free of charge once it releases, but the developer has been mum on the public release date so far. However, a beta is scheduled to be launched next month. So, are you excited to try out Rainway on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know your thoughts on the app, by dropping a few words in the comments section below.

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