Ninja’s Move to Mixer Resulted in 500k Subscribers, Increase in App Downloads

ninja mixer twitch

Popular streamer who rose to fame with his Fortnite streams, and his plays with celebrities like Drake, Ninja last week announced that he was moving off of Twitch and would be streaming exclusively on Microsoft’s streaming platform Mixer from now on.

As it turns out, that move has been a success for Ninja and Mixer.

Ninja’s Mixer channel has already crossed 500,000 subscribers as he streamed his first-ever Mixer live stream, thanks in a big part to the promotional offer that lets users subscribe to Ninja for free on Mixer.

As far as the platform itself is concerned, it is also enjoying interest from Ninja fans across the world, but most evidently in North America — the Mixer app rose to the top of the US App Store’s “free apps” list.

While we don’t know the amount of money Microsoft paid Ninja to get him to switch over from Twitch, but it has to be a ridiculously large amount. After all, EA paid Ninja $1 million to promote Apex Legends on his stream earlier this year. Clearly, Microsoft has paid him handsomely for this shift, and if the current trend of a surge in Mixer’s downloads is any hint, this is proving to be a great deal for Microsoft.

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