Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Launched a Headphone-Compatible Hoodie for Gamers

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While Shroud is collaborating with brands such as Logitech to bring gamers Shroud-branded gaming accessories, popular Fortnite streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced an addition to his existing merchandise line — a unique hoodie that is specially designed to let gamers wear a headphone over the hood with no compromise on the sound quality.

As hoodies are gamers’ go-to attire for their streaming sessions, Ninja’s new hoodie has a unique “polymesh” ear hole on each side of the hood. This allows the sound from an over-the-ear headset to pass through it and go right to the eardrums of the wearer.

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Now, Ninja is not the only one who came up with this unique design. A very similar design came out earlier this year, the gamer hoodie from Champion. However, that one featured an oversized hood which allowed the customer to wear headphones inside the hood, unlike Tyler’s “patent pending” design.

The sweatshirt comes in a single style, i.e a pullover, and offers you four unique colors: pink, gray, black, and red. It retails for around $60 (~Rs. 4,427), which is 10$ (~Rs. 737) more than Ninja’s regular sweatshirts.

So, if you are someone who does not want to compromise on the sound quality even when wearing your headphones over the hood of your sweatshirt, then you can surely check out these hoodies on Ninja’s official online merch store.

“I’ve always loved wearing my hood up with my headphones whether I’m traveling & listening to music or gaming. So excited to be releasing my patent-pending hoodie that allows you to do either of those without changing your sound quality,” tweeted Ninja, prior to the launch of the unique hoodie.

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