Google Officially Teases New Google Glasses with a Focus on Translation

google glasses teased

At the Google I/O 2022 event, the company announced a load of things, both on the hardware and software front, and even previewed new upcoming products like the Pixel Watch, the Pixel Tablet, and the Pixel 7 series. While it might seem like an end to the long list of hardware product previews, there’s something more that was teased — a new pair of Google Glasses. The company, before concluding the event, gave us a sneak peek of its upcoming smart glasses. Here are the details.

Google Confirms Its Readying New Smart Glasses!

Right before ending last night’s event, Google went on to talk about further enhancements in the AR world, which ended up showcasing the “prototype” of Google Glasses. The company didn’t explicitly mention the name due to reasons best known to it but the video did show how it may work.

The main aspect of Google’s second smart glasses is Translation and Google Assistant integration. It is seen as helping transcribe and translate what a person says in real-time and of course, in one’s preferred language. The idea is to “break down language barriers” by combining the capabilities of Google Translate and years of research.

The Google Glasses appear like an ordinary pair of oversized glasses, which seem to have been inspired by Focals by North. This somewhat makes sense since Google acquired the company back in 2020. You can check out the video to see the glasses in action.

Details on other capabilities of the smart glasses are still concealed. That said, Google’s upcoming scene exploration feature could also be integrated with the glasses. This feature will allow users to scan their phone’s camera and use the multi-search functionality.

While Google has teased a pair of glasses to revive its presence in the segment and make things right this time, we aren’t really sure if this will become an actual product. Google hasn’t promised anything as of now, so, it would be best to not expect this product to enter the world alongside (or later) the previewed ones.

To recall, Google introduced its first pair of smart glasses way back in 2014 with the ability to perform hands-free tasks but could never really impress the audience and died rather young. It remains to be seen how Google’s second attempt at smart glasses (which have again become a talked-about topic in tech) pans out.

We will let you whenever we get new details on the Google Glasses. So, stay tuned, and do let us know your thoughts on this possible Google product in the comments below.

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