Netflix Launches Official Discord Bot; Here’s How to Use It

official netflix discord bot

For the longest time, users have been requesting Netflix to allow them to watch movies and TV shows together with friends easily. Well, the streaming giant has listened to your feedback and launched an official Discord bot. Yeah, the “Hey, Netflix” Discord bot has made its debut, but it doesn’t exactly work as you might think. Let me explain.

Hey, Netflix Discord Bot Launched

The Discord bot was announced via the Netflix Geeked Twitter account on October 27. The short video explainer in the tweet gives users a brief idea of how the Discord bot works. The bot makes it easier for them to discover new series and movies to watch together, depending on their location.

Not to dampen your excitement, but the Netflix Discord bot doesn’t work as you might think. The bot doesn’t actually let you pick the best Netflix movies or TV shows and stream them within Discord to watch with friends or family. Instead, it only makes a new thread, so all participants can discuss the same with text messages. You need to click on the link of the movie/ TV series and watch it in own your browser individually. That means all users in this Discord watch party will need to have an active Netflix subscription of their own, which makes this bot and feature kind of worthless.

How to Install and Use the “Hey, Netflix” Discord Bot

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to learn how to install the Netflix Discord bot. We will also explain how to use the bot, and one of its biggest shortcomings. Here’s how it works:

1. Open Discord and head to your server. Here, click on the server’s name in the top left corner.

click on server name

2. Then, select “Server Settings” from the dropdown menu.

discord server settings

3. Under Settings, click the “App Directory” option in the left sidebar.

Netflix Launches Official Discord Bot; Here’s How to Use It

4. Search for “Hey, Netflix” in the App Directory and then click on “Add to Server” to install the Discord bot.

add netflix discord bot to server

5. Once the Discord bot has been installed, head to a text channel on your server. Here, type “/heynetflix” and press Enter.

hey netflix bot in action in discord

Then, follow along with the on-screen instruction to choose whether you wish to watch a movie or TV show, choose your location, and then one of the movies or TV shows recommended by Netflix. You will see a link to the content once you are through with the steps. However, if you want to use Discord to watch Netflix movies and TV shows together with friends by streaming content within the app, follow the guide linked here.

Unlike Netflix, YouTube has taken a more useful route by integrating its streaming service into the “Activity” feature on Discord. It enables users to hop into a voice channel, launch the YouTube activity, and watch videos together with friends in Discord with ease. Don’t you think Netflix should also work towards a Discord Activity integration? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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