Minecraft Marketplace Sale Celebrate 5 Years with Limited Discounts

Minecraft Marketplace Sale Kicks off with a Free Map, Special Discounts, and More

Minecraft Marketplace Sale Celebrate 5 Years with Limited Discounts

It’s been 5 years since the launch of Minecraft’s official marketplace. Over the years, the community has filled it with a variety of creations, ranging from custom maps to the best Minecraft skins. But most of the amazing content in their catalog has been behind a paywall, which is slightly expensive for most users. Lucky for you, the developers have decided to ease the situation and provide us with massive discounts to celebrate their fifth anniversary. From incredible deals to exclusive content, the Minecraft Marketplace Sale has a lot to offer. There is a free map too, but only for a limited time. So with no moment to waste, let’s dive in!

When is Minecraft Marketplace Sale?

The 5-year celebration sale for the Minecraft Marketplace started on the 24th of May and will go on till the 12th of July, 2022. Each day will reveal exciting discounts and new content. All the items launched during the celebration period will stay in the marketplace for days to come. But their discounted rates are for a limited time only. So, make sure to claim your favorite items on time.

As for the discounts on existing items, the marketplace is focusing on the highest-rated and most popular items in the store (even from the past), like Dinosaur Island, My Life in Sakura Shores, the Original Skyblock, and Block Animals, among many others. From lucky blocks to mining add-ons, the collection involves a variety of items that many players have been enjoying over the years. Through this sale, the team behind Minecraft is trying to make celebrated items available to more people.

Get Free Map: Marketplace Creator Tycoon

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a successful Marketplace creator? If your answer is yes, you can experience the same within your game. As this sale marks the half-decade mark for the Minecraft Marketplace, the developers are giving players a whole map for free. It is called Marketplace Creator Tycoon and is designed by Jigarbov Productions.

The map in itself features a mini-game where you become a marketplace creator trying to create their name in the community. You can use discounts, innovate creations and do a lot more to become a successful creator. The game involves endless possibilities and celebrates the most popular items that have ever been a part of the marketplace.

Such a major tribute to its community creators is something that we can only expect from Minecraft, and they are doing it in the best way possible. Having said that, do the discounts excite you more or are you satisfied with the unique free map? Tell us in the comments!

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