What is Minecraft Density Enchantment and How to Get It

In Short
  • Density is a mace enchantment that adds damage per block fallen. Density 1 adds 0.5 damage per block while density 5 adds 2.5 damage.
  • Players can get density through the enchanting table or by looting structures that generate enchanted books in Minecraft.

If you have managed to make the mace in Minecraft and want to turn it into an even more powerful weapon, then you should know about the density enchantment. It significantly increases the mace’s damage and is extremely easy to obtain. So, let’s stop beating around the bush and learn everything about the density enchantment in Minecraft.

How to Get Density Enchantment

Similarly to the Breach enchantment, you can get the density enchantment in two ways. The first method only requires you to make an enchanting table and place the mace and lapis lazuli in it.

By surrounding the enchanting table with 15 bookshelves, you can ensure you have the highest chances for the maximum level 5 density V enchantment, though this is quite rare.

Enchanting a mace with density 5 in Minecraft

The other method of obtaining the density enchantment is by looting structures that can generate enchanted books, as density can appear in this form as well. The most reliable structure is the trial chambers, where you can obtain density from the ominous vault. However, if you already have the mace, then you might already have a density enchanted book as well.

What Does Density Do in Minecraft?

Density is one of the new mace-exclusive enchantments and is far simpler compared to breach. This enchantment adds a fixed damage value per block fallen to the mace. This value depends on its level.

Density 1 adds 0.5 points (0.25 hearts) per block fallen, while density 5 adds 2.5 points (1.25 hearts) per block. So with that in mind, each level of the density enchantment adds half a point of damage or one-quarter of a heart for each fallen block in Minecraft.

This means if you jump from a 10-block-tall platform, you will deal a total of 25 additional damage with a density 5 mace. This damage is added to the already calculated mace’s smash attack damage, so you can deal around 85 damage in total if you fall from that height.

To put it in perspective, you need to jump from a height well over 200 blocks to one-shot a Warden with an unenchanted mace. However, with a density 5 mace, you can kill the Warden in one hit by falling for about 100 blocks only. This is a major difference and does make you realize how powerful density really is.

Player one-shotting a Warden with the density mace

Just like all damage enchantments for the mace, density is incompatible with breach, smite, and bane of arthropods. So, you could have density, unbreaking, mending, fire aspect, and wind burst enchantments on one mace to max it out fully.

Now you know how to get the density enchantment and what abilities it provides your incredible mace with. So, will you go for the overall high-damage build or perhaps more specialized damage toward undead mobs, spiders, or armored players? Share with us in the comments below!

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  • Jaggy says:

    Or get lucky with plains villagers – i have a density 5 villager, a book and 52 emeralds are required.

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