What is Minecraft Breach Enchantment? Explained

In Short
  • Breach is a Minecraft enchantment that allows the mace to reduce the effectiveness of the target's armor value by a certain percentage.
  • There are two ways to get the breach enchantment. One is through the enchanting table and the other using the breach enchanted book.
  • Breach is a lot more useful in the multiplayer PvP worlds than in single-player due to its effectiveness against armored mobs and players.

The latest Minecraft 1.21 update has brought a mace along with three mace-specific enchantments that can help enhance its power. This guide focuses on the breach enchantment, from how you can obtain it to what it does in Minecraft. With that said, let’s learn about it.

How to Get the Mace Breach Enchantment

Players can get the breach enchantment for the mace using two ways – using an enchanting table or an enchanting book.

Method 1: Enchanting Table

The first method is easier than the latter and requires you to use the enchanting table. Simply put the mace in the left slot on the enchanting table and lapis lazuli next to it.

Enchanting a mace with the breach enchantment in the enchanting table in Minecraft

Breach enchantment might appear in one of three available slots. If there are 15 bookshelves around this block, providing the enchanting table maximum level capabilities, then you can get Breach 3 on the mace at most. This means you’ll need to combine the enchantments to get the maximum Breach 4 enchantment. Our linked guide explains this process in depth.

Method 2: Enchanting Book

The second method to get the enchantment is to find it in enchanted book form in the world. All structures with enchanted books can generate the breach enchantment in Minecraft. However, the most reliable place to visit is the trial chambers, where the breach enchanted book can be obtained from the ominous vaults.

What Does Breach Do in Minecraft?

After you apply the breach enchantment on the mace weapon, it’s time to learn what it does. Breach allows the mace to ignore a percentage of the enemy’s armor value. Each level of breach will add 15% to this percentage. So, breach 1 will reduce the effectiveness of the target’s armor by 15%, but breach 4 has a much greater advantage, as it disregards 60% of the armor value.

Mace enchanted with breach destroys a diamond zombie in Minecraft

In practice, this means that breach only has use against armored mobs and players. It does nothing in a fight with regular mobs. To put in perspective how powerful breach is, here’s a little rundown of what it can do at the maximum breach 4 level.

  • Breach 4 mace can kill a player with full protection 4 enchanted netherite armor in 8 critical hits.
  • Breach 4 mace can kill a player with full protection 4 enchanted leather armor in 7 critical hits.
  • Breach 4 mace can kill a player with protection 4 enchanted netherite, iron, or leather armor in 4 critical hits with the combination of the strength 2 status effect.

Because of these facts, Breach enchantment is a lot more suited for multiplayer PvP battles than single-player survival mode. One more noteworthy thing to mention about the breach is that it is incompatible with the other damage enchantments, such as the density, smite, and bane of arthropods. So, if you are playing in your solo survival world, don’t bother obtaining Breach, as it’s not very useful.

With that said, that is all you should know about the breach enchantment in Minecraft. There are two more mace-exclusive enchantments available and they are far better than Breach in the single-player worlds.

However, if you’re playing with your friends then Breach 4 mace will be the most powerful weapon against their netherite armor.

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