xbox series s render

Microsoft Is Just Openly Admitting the Existence of the Xbox Series S Now

xbox series s render

Microsoft may not be ready to announce the Xbox Series S to the public yet, but we already know it exists. We have seen references to the codename Lockhart, among other things. Plus, a recent leak showed the Xbox Series S name on a controller packaging. While we were expecting an announcement in August, which didn’t happen, we now have even more proof that the Series S is real.

An Xbox user who goes by the Twitter name “BraviaryBrendan” recently purchased a new Xbox controller for themselves. The controller arrived with a Game Pass voucher that specifically mentions “Xbox Series X|S” among other devices including the Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft’s decision to already begin printing the “X|S” branding on vouchers that can be purchased by users right now is a definite sign that the Xbox Series S is very close to an actual reveal. After all, there’s not much to tell about it, unless Microsoft has something more exciting planned than we are expecting. From what we can tell, the Series S will be a smaller, slightly less powerful version of the Xbox Series X. In fact, recent reports have suggested that the Series S will have a 4 Teraflop GPU. That’s less than a third of the Xbox Series X.

Hopefully, Microsoft will finally unveil the Xbox Series S this month. And hopefully, we will also finally get a confirmed release date for both the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5.

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