Meta Wants to Make Holographic 3D Video Calls a Reality

Meta Working on 3D calling system

Apart from working to develop the metaverse and other metaverse-related equipment, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is working on a way for users to make 3D video calls to loved ones, according to a patent filed by the social media giant back in 2020. Here’s how it may work.

Meta Working on AI-Enabled 3D Conversations

The patent, titled “3D Conversations in an Artificial Reality,” details Meta’s development plans for a new communication tech that will allow people to “capture and transmit 3D versions” of themselves to make more realistic video calls. It would be different from the concept of metaverse that allows users to get into a virtual environment with their digital avatars to interact with other users. Instead, this tech aims to enable users to make 3D conversations in the real world for a more realistic experience for video conferences.

“A 3D conversation system can facilitate 3D conversations in an augmented reality environment, allowing conversation participants to appear as if they are face-to-face. The 3D conversation system can accomplish this with a pipeline of data processing stages, which can include calibrate, capture, tag and filter, compress, decompress, reconstruct, render, and display stages,” the patent reads.

As you can imagine, this 3D calling tech will allow you to connect with your loved one in a three-dimensional form instead of a 2D one. The patent mentions a variety of devices, including AR glasses and AR/ VR headsets, phones, or maybe a hologram that could potentially become the primary tools for such a 3D communication system.

Meta 3D Conversation Technology Patent

It is also revealed that this technology will support AI-based filters to change the backgrounds, remove the AR headsets, and more to make the conversation more realistic. However, it is worth mentioning that although the patent was filed back in 2020, it has not yet been granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Moreover, the technology is currently in its patent phase, and hence, it is possible that it may never see the light of the day in the future, much like many other patents from different companies.

Nonetheless, with Meta’s decreasing daily active users in the market and other controversies surrounding Facebook, the company would want to disrupt the communication sector with its latest technologies. So, the company might expedite the development of such a cool 3D conversation system to regain its position as the top social company in the market.

What do you think about Meta’s 3D conversation system? Do you think it would become a reality in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned for more such interesting stories.

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  • Christopher says:

    Video calls made a huge difference with people in isolation over the last two years.
    This could be another game changer, if it’s rolled out properly

  • Gudeive Ning says:

    Time and time again, attempts to woo people away from physical interaction fail. And it doesn’t matter how good the technology gets. This is what happens when a company is run and staffed by socially inept empathyless individuals.

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