Supercalla feat.

This Magnetic Self-Wrapping Charging Cable is Super Cool

Supercalla feat.

We have seen a whole range of charging cables over the years. We have seen them evolve with new iterations. However, all the cables have one thing in common – they create a mess on the desk. So, managing the cables can become a task for the user. But with SuperCalla, there will be no more tangled cables or a messy situation on your working desk and bedside table.

The SuperCalla charging cable is one of the most unique cables that I have come across recently. Charles Harris, the creator of this beautifully-designed cable, came up with the idea after analysing some major problems of the existing charging cables.

Harris saw how users struggle with the long cables when they make a mess on their working desk by getting all tangled up. While with the short cables, like the “inCharge 6“, the users have to unplug the phone every time they want to use it. So, to give the users the best of both worlds, Harris worked with his team (which includes his father, uncle and cousin) to make the SuperCalla.

Now, the primary thing that makes the SuperCalla unique is the innovative use of some specialised magnets. These circular “neodymium magnets” are diametrically magnetised, which means they do not have a specific north or south pole. Hence, the magnets connect with each other from any side, regardless of the poles.

The precise placement of these magnets along the cable allows the user to easily wrap it up as the magnets start connecting in a very satisfiable way. This is the USP of the product which makes all the difference.

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So, this creative use of the “neodymium magnets” allows the user to keep the cable wrapped-up when it is charging a device on a counter or a desk. In the time of need, the cable extends as a gentle pull will disconnect the magnets pretty easily. This design also allows the user to easily carry the cable inside bags without the worry of tangling it.

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Now, the SuperCalla comes in 5 different connection types – Lightning to USB-A, Lightning to USB-C, Micro-USB to USB-A, USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C. There is a 3ft (0.9m) version, which is perfect for travelling and a 6ft (1.8m) version for those with reachability needs.

You can get the SuperCalla from Kickstarter. You can get a single one for only $19 (~Rs 1,449) bucks or there is “the office” bundle which includes 9 cables for $97 (~Rs 7399). The company will ship the cables anywhere in the world and they are planning on doing it by June 2020.

Now, it may not be the strongest cable like the “Lauco” one nor can it be cut and reused like the “Clip Cord” that we saw earlier. However, for the OCD-affected people like myself, this self-wrapping cable can be a game-changer.

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