This Tiny Keyring Cable Can Charge All Your Portable Devices

inCharge 6 feat.

If you are anything like me, then you probably hate carrying charging cables for your portable devices. I mean there are so many types of ports and these ports require their own dedicated cables. Sometimes it becomes really frustrating to manage all these cables. Well, not to worry, cause your guy (that’s me) has found the ultimate cable to charge up all your devices and you can even carry it in a keyring!

The inCharge 6 is a cable that includes every connector there is in the market right now. You name it, USB-A – check, Micro-USB – check, USB-C – check, Lightning connector – check and also USB-C as input – CHECK! It is the ultimate cable that can charge any portable device that you wanna carry with you.

inCharge 6 Now, the cable is only a couple of centimetres long and both the ends fold and sticks with each other magnetically when not in use. When you want to use the cable, just take the two ends apart and connect. So, how does this teeny cable feature so many connectors? Excellent question. In its default form, the inCharge 6 features a USB-A port at one end and a USB-C port on the other. Now, if you want to charge up your iPhone, just pull out and fold the USB-C side of the cable to reveal the dual Micro USB + Lightning connector.

Currently, many of the manufacturers like Samsung, Oppo and OnePlus are moving towards USB-C. Even Apple replaced the lightning port of the iPad Pros with a USB-C port. So, the inCharge 6 has a USB-C port that can be used as an input connector. And this feature opens up the power transfer capability, which is a game-changer. For instance, using this cable, you can charge up your wireless earbuds, your watch or even your smartphone from another smartphone that has a USB-C port. How cool is that?

inCharge charging airpodsTo access the input USB-C connector, just do the same trick that you did to reveal the Lightning connector. However, this time, do the trick on the side of the cable that has the USB-A connector.

Now, if you think that the size of the cable is too short for you to use, you can even get the inCharge 6 Max that comes with a 1.5m (5 ft) long cable for extra versatility.

inCharge 6 maxDesigned and engineered by a small Switzerland-based team called Rolling Square, the inCharge 6 is one of the most innovative products that you can get in Indiegogo right now. The price of the inCharge 6 is Rs. 1000 and the price of the inCharge 6 Max is Rs. 1420. The campaign is already backed by over 19,000 backers and the company is currently shipping the product.

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