Made in India Battle Royale Game Indus Will Let You Play Using Facial Gestures

Indus Battle Royale Gameplay Trailer and Pre-Registration

Pune-based SuperGaming has been busy creating its upcoming Indo-futuristic battle royale game Indus. And after a warm reception from the various playtests, the developer has now shared more about the Made-in-India battle royale game Indus. This time around, they share some details regarding an important aspect – accessibility.

SuperGaming and Google Teams Up For PC Accessibility on Battle Royale Indus

Gaming and accessibility have become synonymous over the years, and the upcoming battle royale Indus takes that into account. Together with Google, the team at SuperGaming has found a perfect solution for that. At Google I/O 2023 Connect in Bangalore, the game developer showcased their title running in Google Gameface.

For people who don’t know, Project Gameface by Google is an open-source hands-free mouse that allows players to control a PC’s mouse cursor through facial gestures. For example — players can raise their eyebrows to click and drag or open their mouths to move the cursor. This feature makes gaming an inclusive hobby for everyone to enjoy.

The PC version of Indus Battle Royale has been set up in Gameface to emulate various movements only possible on a proper mouse. The game version at Google I/O Connect can do the following:

  • Players can raise their eyebrows to move the character forward
  • Indus players can lower their eyebrows to move the character backward
  • Open their mouth and raise their eyebrows for sprint
  • Move the mouth on the left side to shoot
  • Move the mouth on the right side to change the scope view
  • Turning your head allows you to control the camera, allowing your character to look up, down, left, and right

SuperGaming states that players can try Indus Battle Royale through Gameface without requiring any additional controllers or equipment. They also claim they want to foster inclusivity and empower those with disabilities to become a part of their community.

Indus will launch on Android, iOS, and hopefully on PC when it’s ready. No official release date has been announced yet. However, judging the development progress, we can expect a release date sometime next year.

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