Who Is Lucia in GTA 6? Everything We Know So Far

In Short
  • Lucia will be the first playable female protagonist with a story in any Grand Theft Auto game, as showcased in the GTA 6 trailer.
  • GTA 6 will include an unnamed male protagonist, speculated to be Jason, as a partner in crime based on the Bonne and Clyde story.
  • As there is no confirmation of the real voice actor for Lucia, leaks and rumors believe it is Blindspot famed actress Manni L. Perez.

Ever since Rockstar released the GTA 6 trailer, the gaming world has gone on a frenzy. Besides all the hype, the trailer confirmed a lot of things, including the rumored lead characters that initially leaked out in 2022. We are talking about Lucia, the first female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto’s history. However, besides the trailer, there’s not much to go on right now. So, while we wait for the release of GTA 6 in 2025, let us discuss everything we know about Lucia so far in this guide.

The Roots: Lucia’s Story and Nationality

The trailer for GTA 6 begins, as would appear, in a prison facility or detention center in the state of Leonida. This is where we see our protagonist Lucia for the first time, talking about her situation and how she ended up in prison. Going by her voice and ethnicity, we can speculate she is Hispanic and is tied to a South American country.

The start of the trailer seems like it is taking place after the game’s ending. This would make a lot of sense if you think of Lucia landing in prison by the end of the GTA 6 story. However, thanks to a few easter eggs in the official material, we think the story will begin with Lucia in prison.

This speculation is supported by the official poster released by Rockstar Games right after the trailer launch.

In this poster, we see an ankle monitor on Lucia’s right leg. This can lead to players being locked out of the full map until the story progresses. It will be a twist from the latest Rockstar Games open-world maps. However, we have seen a similar style of gameplay in the GTA Vice City, where we had to complete certain missions and quests to unlock parts of the GTA 6 map.

Speaking of maps, it can be guaranteed that Lucia is in the Leonida state and, to be specific, Vice-Dale county. This is the same place where we see the prison joker appearing on screen, confirming the prison location from the crest behind him. Is this where our beloved female protagonist will meet the male protagonist, speculated to be Jason?

Love is a Long Road: Bonnie and Clyde

Besides all the weird short videos we see in the trailer, a highlight part of the experience is the Love is a Long Road song that plays throughout it. In the song, we hear about the hardships of love and how two lovers can conquer things if they band together. This hints towards the involvement of Jason and Lucia in the main story.

Before the official trailer was released, leaks and rumors suggested that Jason and Lucia would be the protagonists of the game. While Rockstar can change the male protagonist’s name if they want, the story might stay the same. As mentioned in our GTA 6 trailer coverage, the story of Jason and Lucia will be similar to the real-life Bonne and Clyde.

Jason & Lucia: Shared Reason for Crime?

While we discuss the possible love angle between Lucia and Jason, we should also understand why it all begins in the first place. Throughout the official trailer, we see Lucia taking the lead in the crimes of the game. Although we do not see the couple committing any drastic crimes, the robbery and weapon possessions could lead us to our main storyline.

In a suggested speculation, since the trailer starts in the prison complex, Lucia might meet Jason in the prison facility. This story sounds plausible as it carries forward the timeline shown in the trailer sequences. This could lead them to build a partnership and later the actual love story.

Another speculation also suggests that the trailer is being shown backward. In the first scene of the trailer, Lucia is asked about her being in that situation, and she answers, “Bad Luck, I guess.” We can assume that Lucia and Jason both start from poverty to make a mark on Vice City, ending up stealing and robbing stores and possibly a whole lot more. These actions could land Lucia in prison with her sidekick.

Possible Betrayal?

However, even if we are assuming Jason to be Lucia’s sidekick, there’s a high chance it will turn into something else entirely. Going on a different tangent, we can assume that Jason might secretly be working with the Leonida police. This naturally means he can end up betraying Lucia.

This is a speculation based on the song used in the trailer of GTA 6. When Lucia says, “The only way we’re gonna get through this is by sticking together. Being a team. Trust?” And Jason responds to this with, “Trust.” Somehow, this sounds very ominous while also making it a very climactic ending to the trailer. It will be a fun ride when we hop in the car, for sure.

GTA 6 Lucia Voice Actor: Speculations

Currently, there are no official details on who is the voice actor for the upcoming GTA game’s female protagonist. An X post (formerly Twitter) by user @MiiuMiu_ recently created a lot of buzz around the speculated voice actor and motion capture of Lucia.

The user further says, “Won’t say much. Can’t wait to say more soon…,” hinting at a possible cast reveal of Lucia. For now, the user has taken down or deleted that post.

Another speculation suggests that the Blindspot famed actress Manni L. Perez can be Lucia. In an interview on “The Just Acting Up Show” YouTube channel, Manni was seen getting nervous and her expression changed when the interviewers asked her if she was involved in Grand Theft Auto games. While she flew past the question by denying it completely, her reactions suggested otherwise.

Moreover, in a recent post, X user @Dyllie has compiled other speculations revolving around Manni L. Perez being the GTA 6 protagonist. In another interview, Manni revealed she is looking to make a switch to motion capture and voice acting. These interviews being there on the internet for the past two years makes sense if we also look at how Lucia looks in the latest trailer and posters released by the Rockstar Games.

“Right now I’ve been transitioning my career into voiceover and motion capture” – Manni L. Perez

And that is everything we know about Lucia so far from all of GTA 6 so far. However, do remember that as time passes and more trailers come out, we will find out even more information and update it here. Are you excited to play as Lucia? Tell us in the comments below!

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