Loki Season 2 Episode 1 Post Credit Scene Explained

Loki Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained

Loki season 2 kicked off with an absolute bang and if you’ve watched it, you know that this series has been able to absolutely nail it and stand strong on all of our expectations. In Loki Season 2 Episode 1, we saw how everything around Loki turned into absolute chaos with him constantly glitching, traveling back and forth in time, and the sacred timeline being absolutely devoured into an infinite number of branching timelines.

Although, as good as this episode was, it had a lot of loose ends which will obviously be sealed off by the end of this season. Plus, how the first episode ended was rather abrupt, and on top of it, the post-credit scene seemed to be rather straightforward, but was it? Read on to find out all about Loki Season 2 episode 1 ending and post-credit scene.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for Loki Season 2 Episode 1.

Loki Season 2 Episode 1 Post Credit Scene Explained

Slyvie in McDonald's
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Sylvie, played by Sophia Di Martino, last made her appearance in the final episode of Loki season 1 where she stabbed “He Who Remains,” causing the sacred timeline to go into utter chaos of infinite branching timelines. After that, we get a glimpse of her in season 2 episode 1 when Loki travels to the future but is instantly pruned by someone unknown.

Then, her second appearance is seen in the post-credit scene of Loki season 2. We see Sylvie (one of the major Loki variants) step out of a time door in Braxton, Oklahoma. The year is 1982, and this is a branched timeline. She is still dressed in the same outfit she did in the last episode of Loki season 1, which implies that she could be coming straight from the void where she killed He Who Remains.

She walks into a McDonald’s outlet where the manager asks Sylvie for her order and suggests some items, including the Chicken nuggets. While this may seem like something pretty normal, it isn’t. The thing is McDonald’s introduced Chicken nuggets in the year 1983, but we see people enjoying them a year before launch. This is a cleverly placed easter egg showing us that Sylvie killing He Who Remains had an effect on the whole of reality. This McDonald’s outlet is also important, as according to the trailers, Loki is going to find Sylvie working as an employee in the same restaurant she walked into.

Loki Season 2 Episode 1 Ending Explained

Loki trailer
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Furthermore, the first episode of Loki season 2 primarily focused on Mobius and Ouroboros trying to fix Loki’s time slipping. O.B. instructs that as soon as Mobius places the Temporal Aura Extractor, and it is ready for deployment, Loki should prune himself. This will lead to the extractor capturing him when he’s basically “reset” and bringing him back to one reality putting his glitching to an end. We see that as soon as Mobius is ready to put on a space suit and go out to place the Extractor, Loki glitches, and teleports in time.

Time runs out soon enough and it seems that Mobius will not be able to make but somehow even after the window has closed, the Extractor captures Loki, and Loki along with Mobius gets thrown inside TVA safe and sound. The scene then shifts to TVA hunters locking & loading heavily and going out on a mission to capture Sylvie.

Honestly, I don’t think they have any plans of having Sylvie captured, they’re out there for a kill shot and I’m almost certain that in the next episode, Mobius and Loki will go out in time looking for Sylvie and they will have a standoff against these Minutemen.

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