LinkedIn Now Lets You Record and Display Your Name’s Pronunciation

LinkedIn Now Lets You Record and Display Your Name’s Pronunciation

When you’re in diverse work environments, getting the pronunciation of your colleague or business partner’s name right can get quite tricky. In some cases, you might mispronounce a name, which in turn leaves a bad impression of you. Well, Microsoft-owned professional social media platform LinkedIn has got you covered to an extent.

LinkedIn has now added an option that lets you record an audio version of your name and add it to your profile. “You can record how to pronounce your name and display it on your LinkedIn profile for others to listen to. This will help LinkedIn members to correctly address you if they meet you offline or speak to you in person,” describes LinkedIn.

The feature is currently available on Android and iOS. Hence, you will not be seeing it on the desktop version just yet. To record your name’s pronunciation, go to your LinkedIn profile, tap on the Edit icon, and choose “Add name pronunciation”.

LinkedIn has added neat privacy controls for audio pronunciation on the recording page. You can choose if the recording should be visible to all LinkedIn members or just to your connections. Privacy controls are present to the bottom left corner of the page, as you can see in the image below.

Once you’ve recorded the pronunciation, a small speaker icon will appear next to your name. Tapping on it, as you might have guessed, will play your name’s pronunciation.

LinkedIn offers up to 10 seconds to complete your pronunciation. For best results, the company recommends limiting the background noise, keeping your phone about four inches from your mouth, and speaking slowly while you pronounce each syllable clearly.

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