Last Week’s Gaming Roundup: May 27 – June 2

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If you’re a gamer, chances are you follow news related to games all the time. However, we’re all busy sometimes and I won’t blame you if you couldn’t keep a track of everything that happened in the world of gaming this last week. In fact, if that describes you, you’re exactly who I’m writing this article for. So here’s a quick roundup of everything that happened in gaming in the last week from May 27 to June 2:

  • Microsoft launched a new game called ‘Miami Street’ and someone looked at the package contents – turns out the game will also run on Andromeda OS, giving rise to Surface Phone rumours all over again.
  • Wolf Among Us 2 has been delayed by Telltale to 2019.
  • There were fake ads circulating on YouTube about Fortnite for Android. Just to be clear, Fortnite isn’t coming to Android yet. Fingers crossed though.
  • God of War was clearly a huge hit, selling 5 million copies in the first month alone!
  • Microsoft pushed out an update for the Xbox 360. The first in two years!
  • Road Redemption — the popular Road Rash like game — is heading to the Nintendo Switch.
  • Battlefield 5 minimum requirements were revealed by EA and DICE games, and it looks like any system that was able to run Battlefield 1 will be able to handle Battlefield 5 as well!
  • A school-shooting game made its way to Steam, sparking a lot of controversy which ended with Valve pulling the game off Steam, and removing the publisher as well.
  • HP updated its Omen gaming notebook with a 4K display, GTX 1070, and Core i7 processors.
  • Pokemon Quest (yes, a new Pokemon game) launched on the Nintendo Switch, with mobile editions on the way.
  • Fortnite added a rideable shopping cart to the game, because why not?
  • PlayStation Plus members will get XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion for free as PlayStation Plus games for June.
  • Bethesda announced a new Fallout game. It’s called Fallout 76. We’re expecting to see more details at E3.
  • A new PS4 exploit turned up that unlocks full backwards compatibility with PS2 games, and even pirated games.
  • The retro-inspired Atari VCS went on pre-order on Indiegogo, starting at $199.
  • Ubisoft teased the new Assassin’s Creed game. Titled ‘Odyssey’ the game is expected to make an appearance at the E3 conference.
  • Fortnite will be coming to the Nintendo Switch
  • Ubisoft launched ‘Might & Magic’ on Android and iOS.
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