Best Last Epoch Mods You Should Install

In Short
  • While mods for Last Epoch are few and far between, some good selections still exist.
  • Variety of mods currently available include LootFilter Item Map Show for loot visibility, the Arachnophobia filter to turn spiders into square boxes and more.
  • As the modding community works towards the game, more mods for Last Epoch should come out soon.

Even though Last Epoch is an online-based experience, it does have its share of mods. And while the game doesn’t have a lot of them out for it yet, there are some good selections. If you’re a gamer who has just learned how to install mods in Last Epoch, this one’s for you. Let’s begin listing out some of the best mods for the game currently available right now.

Note: All the mods mentioned here should be used in the offline experience. Do not try using any of the mods online, unless mentioned. Using so might get you banned. You have been warned.

1. LootFilter Item Map Show

Last Epoch LootFilter Item on Map Mods
Image Courtesy: Modder/NexusMods

Are you the type of player who wants to go for selective loot? You know, the one with the most profit. Modder KillingGodVH wanted the same and came out with LootFilter Item Map Show, a mod that gives more accessible visual cues for loot.

In this mod, whatever items you filter through the LootFilter will also show up on the map. This includes all the dropped items. Players who tend to miss out on vital information on the map will especially like this mod. This Last Epoch mod can be used both online and offline. However, we suggest the latter to remain the same.

2. Arachnophobia

Last Epoch arachnophobia mods
Image Courtesy: Modder/NexusMods

This handy Last Epoch mod is for the ones with a phobia. Arachnophobia as you might know is a fear of spiders. Made by kURTIS1337, this mod quite literally adds an arachnophobia filter. Once the mod is installed, all spiders in Last Epoch will immediately turn into square boxes. This should naturally remove that fear and help out the squeamish ones among you. After all, added accessibility never hurts.

3. Last Epoch – Path of Exile Drop Sounds

Any gamer who has played Path of Exile will see this Last Epoch mod coming from a mile away. Path of Exile Unique and Exalted Drop Sounds by kURTIS1337 quite literally replaces the drop sounds for Exalted and Unique drops with that of Path of Exile drop sounds.

To be honest, it’s only fitting that we install this mod. It isn’t any secret knowledge that Last Epoch takes inspiration from action RPGs like Path of Exiles and Diablo 4. As such, this is a good homage to those games. So, install this mod and live the glory days.

4. A Wrinkle in Time Reshade

Last Epoch Reshade mods
Image Courtesy: Modder/NexusMods

Visually, Last Epoch has a beautiful art style that should gain a lot of appreciation. However, we know there remain players who are dissatisfied with its original graphics. For all those cases and more, modder Deejerz88 has compiled a custom ReShade called “A Wrinkle in Time.”

This handy Reshade reworks part of the game’s graphics and makes everything darker and crisper. This makes everything look all the more prominent and gives it that grungy, depressing feel to fit the war-torn effect. So, this is one of the alternative color palettes you can try if you don’t prefer the base colors.

These are the best Last Epoch mods currently available right now. We hope as time progresses the community comes out with even more mods for added variety. Here’s hoping the developers don’t restrict that! Do you have any favorite mods? Let us know in the comments below!

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