How Many Chapters Are There in Last Epoch

In Short
  • The Last Epoch splits its campaign into nine different chapters.
  • Each chapter spans five different eras of Eterra in-game.
  • In total, it will take players around 15-20 hours to finish the game.

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch is finally out of early access, giving players a taste of its deep-action RPG experience. Inspired by games like Diablo and Path of Exile, the game brings over a story spanning multiple eras and timelines. If you’re a player just starting out, you must already be curious about how many chapters the game offers you to enjoy it. Well, we were also intrigued to get to the juicy end game and decided to find out. So, without further delay, let’s talk about how many chapters Last Epoch has, along with how long it takes to beat it.

So How Many Chapters Does the Last Epoch Have?

Last Epoch launched as a demo in 2018, giving players something to munch into. And it was perfect. Path of Exile players had something else to obsess about, while Diablo players could fill that missing void in their lives. And like most games that Last Epoch takes inspiration from, it has a complete story that you play through.

The Last Epoch comes with a total of nine chapters players go through. These chapters have been divided into five-game eras. These are the Divine Era, the Ruined Era, the Imperial Era, the Ancient Era, and the End of Time. You visit these periods as you slowly progress the game by finishing quests. The exact order in which chapters in Last Epoch appear are:

  • Chapter 1: Divine Era
  • Chapter 2: Ruined Era
  • Chapter 3: Ruined Era
  • Chapter 4: Imperial Era
  • Chapter 5: Imperial Era
  • Chapter 6: Imperial Era
  • Chapter 7: Divine Era
  • Chapter 8: Divine Era
  • Chapter 9: Divine Era

It is worth mentioning that you don’t get any new chapters with the 1.0 launch. You still get the exact number of chapters from the early access. The final chapter was added in September 2021. However, it has been confirmed by the developers that three new chapters will be added post the 1.0 patch in an update.

How Long Will It Take to Complete All Last Epoch Chapters?

Last Epoch chapters and eras

We think you know by now that Last Epoch is an action RPG with endless replayability. As such your playtime will vary. Depending on how long you spend on a single chapter, this will also apply to the campaign. But based on general community claims, it will take roughly 15-20 hours for a player to beat Last Epoch’s chapters.

Once you complete the main chapters of the game, the end game opens up. From here on, you can create specialized builds, reallot your skills to different characteristics, and create powerful and unique builds that tie to your play style. The main campaign also fleshes out the universe of Eterra’s various eras.

Now that you know how many chapters Last Epoch has, you can plan your approach and playtime accordingly. Let us know about your campaign journey through the Last Epoch chapters in the comments below.

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