Krafton to Shut down Facebook Data Transfer from PUBG Mobile to BGMI After 28th Sept

Krafton to Shut down Facebook Data Transfer from PUBG Mobile to BGMI on September 28

Krafton has announced a bunch of updates for its mobile title Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The company recently announced that it will shut down the Facebook data transfer process that allows players to migrate their data and in-game items from the banned-in-India game PUBG Mobile to its new counterpart BGMI. Along with that, Krafton also announced the winners of the Get Ready to Jump event in BGMI.

For those unaware, with the release of BGMI in India earlier this year, Krafton enabled players, who played PUBG Mobile prior to its ban in India, to transfer their data, in-game items, and other information via Facebook to BGMI. Of course, this is considering players used the same account to log in to the new game that they used for the previous title.

Now, due to a new policy change in Facebook’s software development kit (SDK), BGMI players will not be able to migrate their data from PUBG Mobile to their new BGMI accounts after September 28. This is because the new policy change in Facebook’s SDK will only allow logins with Facebook using embedded browsers on Android.

However, it is worth mentioning that players who used Twitter accounts to log in or those who are playing BGMI on the iOS platform will not be affected by this policy change. Furthermore, following October 5, players who do not have the Facebook app installed on their devices will not be able to log in to their BGMI accounts.

Other than this, Krafton also announced the winners of the Get Ready Jump event in BGMI. The list contains 150 winners who will receive various BGMI-branded goodies, including mugs, caps, mobile rings, wristbands, and bandanas. The developers will contact the winners via the in-game mailing system for the distribution of the prizes.

Conclusively, Krafton shared that it has banned over 195,000 accounts in BGMI for hacking and unethical activities between August 20 and August 26. Before this, the company banned over 336,000 accounts between July 30 and August 5 and over 181,000 accounts between August 6 and August 12. These accounts have been permanently banned by the company to allow other players to enjoy the game without worrying about hackers.

So, if you are a new BGMI player and use Facebook to log into the game, we would suggest you transfer your data from your old PUBG Mobile account before the data transfer process becomes unavailableafter September 28. You can check out our in-depth story on how you can transfer your PUBG Mobile data to your BGMI account to get a better idea of the process.

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