10 Best Characters in Kaiju No. 8

Kaiju No. 8 anime is definitely going to be a hit, as it has already created a ton of hype ahead of its premiere. Even before the release of the first episode, several fans have been comparing Kaiju No. 8 to Attack on Titan. Apart from a dark yet interesting premise, Kaiju No. 8 boasts several interesting characters, from our goofy but strong-headed protagonist Kafka to the frightening antagonist Kaiju No. 9. So, today, I’ve decided to list some of the best characters from the manga who you should be excited to see in the anime adaptation.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for Kaiju No. 8 characters and their abilities, so be sure to read the manga to avoid ruining the story.

1. Shoshiro Hoshina

Shoshiro Hoshina from Kaiju No. 8
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Coming from a swordmen family of Kaiju Slayers, Soshiro Hoshino is someone who can slice even the toughest skin of a Kaiju within minutes with his blades. Initially, he was seen as an individual who loved to bully everyone, especially our protagonist, Kafka Hibino.

However, throughout the manga series, we realize that deep inside, Hoshina is one of the members of the Defence Force who is the most loyal to the organization. Apart from that, he is extremely thankful to Mina Ashiro as she is the one who allowed him to be a part of the Third Division.

Shoshira wants to free the city from Kaijus, and for that, he keeps on training for several hours without even complaining. His hard work and willingness to win against the enemies make him one of the most loved characters in the series.

2. Gen Narumi

Image Courtesy: X/@KaijuNo8_O_EN

Being the Defence Forces’ most skilled combatant, Gen Narumi shows gratitude to those who can overwhelm him in a fight with their skill sets. Despite having a serious personality, Gen Narumi possesses childish behavior that makes him happy playing video games all day. However, those who have seen him playing with weapons on the battlefield cannot predict this behavior.

Narumi’s abilities have given him the title of Japan’s Strongest Anti-Kaiju Combatant, but he still faces difficulty in defeating Isao Shinomiya (more on his below). That’s because the latter knows about Narumi’s skills, so he trains himself harder to give tough competition to his former student. Besides him, there are only a few in the universe whom Gen Narumi can’t tackle singlehandedly.

3. Kafka Hibino

Image Courtesy: Kaiju No.8 by Production I.G. (YouTube/ TOHO animation チャンネル)

Kafka Hibino is the main protagonist of Kaiju No. 8, who worked as a sweeper for Monster Sweeper Inc., where he was tasked to scrap the remains of Kaijus before getting a spot in the Defence Force.

From childhood, he has been someone who would never think twice before lending a helping hand to others, even if they denied taking his help. In fact, he doesn’t let his ego come in between when someone who bullied him falls into a dangerous situation.

Despite getting demonic powers from a mosquito-like Kaiju, he initially hesitates to use them as he is afraid that he will hurt his friends and team members. However, with time, he learns to control the demon powers, thanks to Hoshino’s training, and use his new form in favor of humanity.

4. Reno Ichikawa

Image Courtesy: X/@KaijuNo8_O_EN

Reno Ichikawa supported Kafka when no one else was by his side. Ichikawa was the one who helped Kafka join the Defence Force even after learning about his Kaiju form. Initially, he criticized Kafka for giving up on his ambitions, but later, he understood his friend’s condition and became his biggest support system.

Unlike most of the members of the Defence Force, Reno keeps his comrades’ safety before himself. He continuously tries to improve his combating skills so that he can protect his peers.

His determination to improve helped Reno be compatible with the toughest weapon ever created, Kaiju Number 6’s Weapon. Furthermore, his leadership qualities provoked Shoshiro Hoshina to appreciate him.

5. Kikoru Shinomiya

Image Courtesy: X/@KaijuNo8_O_EN

Kikoru Shinomiya is the daughter of the Defence Forces’ director, Isao Shinomiya, and she never misses an opportunity to ridicule the people she feels are inferior to her. That sounds like a bad person, right? You might wonder why I have placed a person like her on this list.

Well, that’s because apart from this, she is also someone who would go beyond her limits to save her peers from any deadly situation. After her mother’s death, her only motive in life is to train harder to become the strongest and protect her comrades from an untimely death.

While Kikoru Shinomiya’s confidence in herself makes her bitter towards the people she looks down on, it also gives her the courage to become the strongest version of herself to support the entire Defence Force organization.

6. Mina Ashiro

Image Courtesy: X/@KaijuNo8_O_EN

The captain of Defence Forces’ Third Division, Mina Ashiro, is Kafka Hibino’s childhood friend and her skill set makes her resemble Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan. Mina and Kafka promised each other in their childhood days that they would defeat every Kaiju.

Hence, she gets separated from Kafka when he can’t succeed in the qualifying exam for the Defence Force Organization. However, she supports Kafka after learning that he is the Kaiju No. 8.

Furthermore, due to her determination toward her goals, she flaunts a cold exterior, but deep inside, she cares about her peers and friends. She uses her powers and capabilities to save the people around her from every Kaiju attack.

7. Kaiju No. 9

Image Courtesy: Kaiju No. 8 Fandom

Kaiju No. 9 is undoubtedly the strongest Kaiju we’ve seen in the manga series. Its biggest motive is to steal the most significant Kaiju power from the Defence Force, and that makes him one of the biggest enemies of Kafka.

Kaiju No. 9 carries a cold demeanor, as it is pretty overconfident about its exceptional physical strength and stamina. Well, its abilities helped him dodge Kaiju No. 8’s attacks.

Despite all the destruction he wants to cause to the Defence Force Organization, he never intends to harm any innocent bystanders. In short, Kaiju No. 9 isn’t a bad guy, but his motives pit him against our beloved protagonists.

8. Iharu Furuhashi

Image Courtesy: Kaiju No. 8 Fandom

Iharu Furuhashi is a confident individual who boasts a never-give-up attitude. Despite his skill set, which makes him a tough opponent for anyone, deep inside, he has an inferiority complex. This side of his persona is basically seen whenever he gets stuck in a dire situation. However, he never lets his weaknesses take over his entire personality.

Despite having several problems with Ichikawa, Furuhashi backed him up during the combat with the mighty Kaiju No. 9.

9. Isao Shinomiya

Image Courtesy: Kaiju No. 8 Fandom

As the Director General of the Defense Force, Isao is a powerful figure in the Kaiju No. 8 universe. He’s a direct man who doesn’t beat around the bush and gets straight to the point. Isao lost the love of his life, and since then, he has only looked forward and wanted his loved ones to survive.

Isao became cold and only instructed his daughter and subordinates to get stronger so they didn’t meet the same fate as his wife. Isao is a crucial figure in Kaiju No. 8 and plays a significant role in keeping Kafka alive during the initial phase.

10. Rin Shinonome

Image Courtesy: Kaiju No. 8 Fandom

Rin is one of the most beautiful and brave characters in the Kaiju No. 8 universe, and she takes pride in that. She serves under Gen Narumi and admires everything that her captain does. Rin wants nothing more in life than to be appreciated by Narumi.

In fact, Rin’s hunger for Narumi’s acknowledgment pushes her beyond her limits every time she goes out on a mission. Such experiences make Rin work to maintain her looks and become even stronger.

These are the strongest characters that the Kaiju No. 8 anime will introduce you to over the coming weeks. So, which character are you most excited to learn more about? Tell us down in the comments section.

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