How Did Kafka Hibino Become a Kaiju? Explained

The most hyped-up anime series of Spring 2024 is almost here, so it’s no wonder fans are intrigued to learn even the tiniest element featured in it. The avid readers who have gone through the chapters of the Kaiju No. 8 manga must already be aware of how Kafka Hibino turns into a Kaiju. Well, those who are unaware of the unfortunate incident can rely on me as I delve deeper to let you know about it.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes details for Kafka’s transformation into a Kaiju. So, watch the first anime episode or read up to chapter 2 to avoid getting spoiled.

Who is Kafka Hibino in Kaiju No. 8?

How Did Kafka Hibino Become a Kaiju? Explained
Image Courtesy: Kaiju No.8 by Production I.G. (YouTube/ TOHO animation チャンネル)

Kafka Hibino is the protagonist of Kaiju No. 8, who dreams of killing every monster after losing his house and school. He and his childhood friend Mina Ashiro promised each other that they would get enrolled in the Defence Force so that they could protect humanity from the huge monsters.

Kafka failed five times in the Defence Force’s qualifying exam, while Mina Ashiro cleared it on her first attempt. So, it’s obvious she progressed and turned cold towards Kafka as he couldn’t fulfill the promise he made to her.

However, if not in the Defence Force, he starts working at Monster Sweeper Inc., where he is now responsible for sweeping the remains of the Kaijus after a battle.

How does Kafka Hibino become a Kaiju?

After getting disqualified from the entrance exam for the Defence Force, Kafka Hibno accepted that he couldn’t do anything in his life except for the sweeping job he currently has. Later, when he meets Reno Ichikawa for the first time, he doesn’t know that this boy will make him realize what he is capable of.

One day, while trying to dismantle the remains of a Kaiju, Kafka and Reno get attacked by a Kaiju. Taking matters into his own hands, he sends Ichikawa to seek help. However, the latter returns to help Kafka even though he isn’t supposed to be back alone. Kafka gets severe injuries, so Ichikawa’s decision wasn’t a mistake.

However, after spotting an injured Kafka, the Defence Force team headed by Mina Ashiro shows up. The team doesn’t take much time to deal with the Monster and takes the duo to the hospital. Kafka can’t resist thinking of how impeccably Mina’s abilities have grown as she kills the huge Monster in an instant.

On the other hand, we see Ichikawa continuously praising Kafka for his bravery. Furthermore, he also tells Kafka that the age limit to join the Defense Force has been increased and believes Kafka should not give up on his dream

parastye kaiju in front of kafke hibino
Image Courtesy: X/@KaijuNo8_O_EN

While Kafka is sitting alone in the hospital bed thinking about certain things, he spots a small kaiju in front of him. Before he can even react, the Kaiju goes straightaway into his mouth, turning our protagonist into a kaiju. When Reno comes to see if he is alright, the boy freaks out after seeing a kaiju instead of Kafka. So, Ichikawa becomes the first one to learn about Kafka’s transformation.

And that’s how our beloved protagonist turns into a Kaiju in the new Kaiju No. 8 anime. Now, who is this small kaiju? Where did it come from? Why did it choose Kafka? Those details still remain a mystery that will be uncovered later in this series.

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