Is Gmail Shutting Down? Google Speaks Out

false rumor of google shutting down gmail
Image Source: X (formerly Twitter)
In Short
  • A false rumor of Gmail shutting down spread on the internet, which appeared first on X (Twitter).
  • The purported email said that "Google is sunsetting Gmail," but it was quickly debunked and Google clarified that Gmail is here to stay.
  • That said, Google did discontinue the Gmail basic HTML view in January 2024, which is unrelated to the current hoax.

The news that Google is sunsetting Gmail is spreading like wildfire. But Google, without losing any moment, clarified that Gmail is not shutting down, and there are no plans to shutter the popular email service.

The hoax of Gmail shutting down first appeared on X (formerly Twitter) when some users uploaded an image of a purported email received from Google. The alleged image says, “Google is sunsetting Gmail” and the service will be closed on August 1, 2024, which is untrue.

Google took to X to clarify that “Gmail is here to stay,” which reassured millions of users that the service is not being discontinued. Given Google’s history of shutting down popular services in the past, many users fell prey to the hoax, concluding that it was a legitimate email.

That said, Google did announce a change to Gmail’s service five months ago, but it was for Gmail’s HTML view, which was disabled starting January 2024. Gmail had a basic HTML view in place for years, even after transitioning to the modern interface, for users to check emails on slow internet. It was this service that was being discontinued, not Gmail itself.

fake email of gmail shutting down circulating on the internet
The fake email that said Google is sunsetting Gmail | Image Source: X (formerly Twitter)

Google also updated its support page saying that, “Gmail is transitioning users from Basic HTML view to the latest version of Gmail, also known as Standard view.” Gmail will now automatically load the standard view for all users. Now that the rumor is dispelled, many users are relieved about Gmail’s continued service.

Nevertheless, do you worry that Google is going to axe Gmail in the foreseeable future? If you are wary of such developments, we have a great list of Gmail alternatives that offer better security, encryption, and a long list of features. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Tarush Jain says:

    Google might be famous for killing its services and products out of the blue, but people shouldn’t even entertain hoaxes about services like Gmail. I wouldn’t have believed it even if Google had officially said it. LoL

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