Google Changes Its Sign-in Page After 6 Years, and It’s Underwhelming

In Short
  • Google has revamped its login and sign-up page with a more modern look, adhering to Material Design 3 principles.
  • The new design is rolling out, and both personal users and Google Workspace users will start seeing the updated look in the next two weeks.
  • Though underwhelming, the update is strictly a visual change and does not affect any functionality in the login process.

Google is making visual changes to its sign-in and sign-up pages after almost six years. The search giant says the new look is more modern and in line with Google’s Material Design 3 (also called Material You) philosophy. You will start seeing the newly-designed Google sign-in page in the next two weeks, as the company is doing a gradual rollout of the updated look. The new interface will be visible across the web and mobile devices.

The Evolution of Google’s Sign-in Page

Google last updated the login page in the year 2018, again to adhere to Material Design principles. It centered the alignment of the text field, added an outline to the sign-in experience, and added tweaks to the Google logo. Before that, the last big revamp happened in 2015 and introduced users to a different login flow.

google's sign-in page evolution
How Google’s sign-in page has evolved over the years

First, you enter your username and on the next screen, you enter your password. The same login flow continues even today, and the updated interface also follows the same sign-in process. Keep in mind that Google has not made any functionality changes with this visual update, so all the buttons and menus that you were accustomed to will be available.

In our testing, we are yet to come across the new Google login page design, but I already have some thoughts. Google has been teasing this “more modern look and feel” for the past two-odd weeks, so the anticipation was high. However, this new design is only a minor refresh with Material Design 3 elements and not much else. It’s underwhelming and unimpressive, to say the least.

Google says the rollout has already begun on February 21 and should be completed by March 4, 2024. In the upcoming days, all users, including those with personal Google accounts and Google Workspace accounts, will see the updated interface. Bear in mind when you come across Google’s new sign-in page, don’t fret.

That said, do not fall for phishing attacks, and don’t enter your Google username and password on any webpage that looks similar to Google’s new sign-in page. So what do you think about the new visual change? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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