iOS 18 Can Still Display Time When iPhone Is Completely Out of Battery

iOS 18 Can Still Display Time When iPhone Is Completely Out of Battery
In Short
  • iOS 18 will allow your iPhone to display time even when its battery is dead.
  • The feature improves the existing iPhone's Power Reserve mode and shows the current time at the top left when you're out of battery.
  • With this function, you'll be able to see the time as long as your iPhone is "Findable" on the Find My network.

There’s some good news for iPhone users who constantly forget to wear a watch or charge their phone. With iOS 18, your iPhone will be capable of displaying the time even when your iPhone is completely out of battery.

The feature was spotted by Reddit user ant_t99 who posted an image of their iPhone 15 that’s out of charge. As you can see from the image, the iPhone displays the time at the top left, the place where you’d usually see the time when actively using the phone. This functionality is similar to Apple Watch’s Power Reserve mode, which displays the time even when powered down.

iOS 18 time out of battery feature
Courtesy: Reddit u/ant_t99

In case you don’t know, the Power Reserve mode is what helps make iPhones “Findable” when their battery is dead. So, it’s good to see that Apple is taking this feature a step further with iOS 18. In essence, you can now see the time on your iPhone for as long as it’s trackable on Find My.

Interestingly, this new time-keeping feature seems to work exclusively on iPhone 15 models, at least for now. It’s unclear why older iPhones with Power Reserve can’t display the time in this low-power state. But we do expect it to come to older iPhones once iOS 18 goes public later this year.

iOS 18, currently in developer beta, has added a bunch of quality of life improvements to iPhones with features like home screen customization, T9 dialer, and more. We’re hopeful that there’s more still to come once the public beta testing gets underway.

What do you think about the new out-of-battery time feature on iPhone? What’s that one useful feature you want to try on iOS 18? Let us know in the comments.

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