Instagram’s ‘Notes’ Now Supports Short Videos; Here’s How This Works!

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In Short
  • Instagram introduces Video Notes to share disappearing 2-second videos as Notes.
  • Video Notes is an extension of text-based Status updates introduced a while back and will disappear after 24 hours.
  • To share a Video Note, you will have to tap you profile picture in the DM section and then tap the camera icon to record the short video and share with close friends.

Instagram introduced the Notes feature last feature as a way to share disappearing text-based statuses with your followers. This feature has now got a new update, which will help you share short videos as Notes.

Video Notes will allow you to upload a 2-second video and will disappear after 24 hours much like text-based status updates and even Stories for that matter. This comes after Instagram Notes got support for audio statuses, allowing you to share your favorite song with people.

The new update has started rolling out and should reach all soon. While I couldn’t access the feature, my colleague could use it. The process of sharing Video Notes is pretty simple, and here’s what you need to do.

How to Share Video Notes on Instagram

  • Head to the Instagram DM section and tap your Profile Picture.
  • There, you will see a camera icon on the top of your DP, which can help you record the 2-second video and share it.
Instagram’s ‘Notes’ Now Supports Short Videos; Here’s How This Works!

You can also attach a supporting text with the Video Note for context. Currently, only your Close Friends and mutual followers will be able to see your Video Notes but this could be expanded to all followers or non-followers too.

Beebom’s Take

The addition of Video Notes sure sounds exciting but I am not sure if it makes sense. For one, it completely defeats the purpose of Notes, which was a text-based feature, much like how you can post on X (formerly, Twitter). To publish a short video or photo, we already have Stories, and with Video Notes, there can be a sense of confusion!

In my opinion, the feature will have the same treatment as Notes; it will be used by people frequently for the sake of trying out but the excitement will eventually die down. What do you think about the feature? Do you think it is a great addition or can be done without? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Furthermore, Instagram has introduced the ability to send multimedia replies to Notes in the form of GIFs, audio, photos, videos, and even stickers. This is like the ability to reply to a post comment with photos or GIFs.

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