Instagram logo on an iPhone, with the Meta logo as the backdrop

Instagram Notes Will Now Let You Share Audio Updates With People

Instagram logo on an iPhone, with the Meta logo as the backdrop

Back in December, Instagram announced the ability to add Notes as short text-based status updates on the platform. Now, the Meta-owned social media platform is adding some updates to the feature and will allow you to add music as part of your Notes status update. Continue reading to know how.

Add Tunes To Your Instagram Notes Updates

You can now add a 30-second clip of your favorite song as part of your Notes update. Previously, if you wanted to share a song update via Notes, you would have to type out the name of the artist and the song. There was no way to link the song directly to your Notes update. However, with this new update, this changes completely.

You will be able to add the song of your choice and the text prompts to go with the song. Do note that the song shared will not play on its own. Your friends will need to tap on your Notes update to listen to the snippet. In the coming days, Instagram is also expected to add a translation button to be able to post notes in different languages.

For the unaware, Instagram Notes allows you to post disappearing text and emojis. These are limited to 60 characters only. You can add Notes from the top of the DMs section and it will appear on the top of the DM section as well. These updates will be visible to the people you follow and your close friends’ contacts. They will be able to reply to your Notes as well.

How to Add Music to Instagram Notes

1. Click the ‘Add Note’ icon under Instagram’s DM section in the top left corner.

The images depict the homescreen and DM list of Instagram

2. By selecting the “Music” icon below your profile photo on the Add Note page, you can now add your favorite song. Click on “Share” to add your new Note update.

These images depict the ability to add Music to Notes in Instagram

3. It will be visible on top of the DM list to you and to the people you follow. You can add a new note or delete the current one as well.

The images depict the final result and the ability to add a new status update or remove an existing one

The feature is now available to everyone. So, go ahead and share your groove of the day with your friends on Instagram!

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