Inside eCommerce Giant Amazon's Warehouse [Video]

Inside eCommerce Giant Amazon’s Warehouse [Video]

Inside eCommerce Giant Amazon's Warehouse [Video]

Amazon, world’s largest online retailer handles 150+ orders/second, which sums up to 12960000 orders/day and all these orders have to be processed in real time otherwise the next day becomes a bit longer for people working in Warehouse and fulfillment departments of the company.

With every passing second, 150+ items are being ordered and by the time, I’ll publish this post, may be after an hour or so, 540000+ items will be ordered.

To keep up with that much demand, Amazon require massive stock of all the possible items and to store almost everything possible, a very large warehouse fully equipped with modern technology is required.

Well, its no surprise that Amazon have got huge warehouses across the world but have you ever visited there? If not, don’t worry. I will take you inside Amazons warehouse via this video shown below.

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This video is a quick detour of Amazon’s warehouse by abcnews reporter. The warehouse shown in the video is 1.2 million square foot and fully automated. Go ahead and watch it!

Video Courtesy: abcnews

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