How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

how to unlock fade in apex legends mobile

After multiple beta tests over the past year, Apex Legends Mobile has launched globally to much fanfare. This hero-based shooter brings to mobile the same fast-paced battle royale experience as its PC and console counterparts. While most of the mechanics and characters in-game are similar, this mobile port comes with a new mobile-exclusive legend called Fade. Now, if you have downloaded Apex Legends Mobile and want to play Fade right away, here are two methods you can use to unlock Fade.

Unlock Apex Legends Mobile Fade (2022)

The starting roster of characters in Apex Legends Mobile includes only Bloodhound. You unlock Octane for free via the store, followed by Lifeline after completing a match and leveling up your account. You can unlock all the other legends if you level up your account to Level 24, except Fade. So let’s see how you can get Fade in this game:

How to Unlock Fade for Free in Apex Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile supports two ways of unlocking Fade – one free and the other paid. The free method requires you to play the game regularly and grind the free battle pass tier. By completing missions and leveling up the battle pass, you receive Fade Piece. You need to collect 10 Fade Pieces, which you can then use to unlock the legend in-game.

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

The game offers you two Fade Pieces for free at the following battle pass levels – 1, 9, 13, 17, and 25. So yeah, you will need to complete the missions and make your way through 25 battle pass levels to unlock Fade.

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

How to Unlock Fade without Any Wait (Paid)

If you don’t wish to grind the battle pass and want to start playing Fade right now, you can do so by unlocking the legend via Syndicate Gold (in-game currency) in Apex Legends Mobile. That means you will need to spend real-world money to start playing as this legend right away.

fade apex mobile

As you can see in the screenshot, you will need to spend 750 Syndicate Gold to unlock Fade. You have to spend at least $14.99 or Rs 899 to get 935 Syndicate Gold coins in the game. This will enable you to gain access to this mobile-exclusive legend and start using phase technology in a slightly different way compared to Wraith. Follow these steps to unlock Fade:

1. Once you have either hit the battle pass level 25 or bought the required currency, head to the “Legends” tab from the bottom bar.

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

2. Then, select “Fade” from among the legends and tap on the “Unlock” button.

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

3. You can now choose whether you wish to unlock the legend using Fade Piece or Syndicate Gold. And that’s it.


Check out Fade’s Abilities


Dubbed the phasing punisher, Fade is yet another character in the Apex Legends universe that can use phase technology. Wraith and Ash are the other two legends that have phase technology-related abilities. You can check out his abilities right here:

  • Passive Ability: Slipstream – Fade gains a short momentum boost at the end of a slide. You will see an increase in movement speed when you start running after a slide input.
  • Tactical Ability: Flash Back – This is another take on Wraith’s phase ability. You can teleport back to your previous location from a while ago (two seconds) using this ability. It could prove beneficial while pushing enemies and making initial plays for your team.
  • Ultimate Ability: Phase Chamber – This is a throwable grenade that sends characters within its range into the void for 3.5 seconds before they are back on the battlefield again. You cannot shoot the enemy while they’re in the void, nor can they shoot you. Also, if you get caught in there with them, you both cannot shoot each other but move around freely. This ability could be useful to quickly disengage fights.

Play as Fade in Apex Mobile Right Now!

So yeah, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to unlock Fade and his abilities in Apex Mobile. If you wish to learn about other character and their abilities in Apex Legends Mobile, check out the linked article. And if you are curious to learn about the weapon selection in the game, we have you covered on that front as well. If you have any other queries, do let us know in the comments, and we will help you out.

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