How to Schedule Startup and Shutdown on Mac

Macs provide a lot of functionality, and a lot of it is in places where the average user won’t look. One such feature that macOS offers, is the ability to schedule your Mac’s startup, and shutdown timings. This feature can come in useful if you forget to shut your Mac down, after a long day at work. And it can also come in handy when you want you Mac to automatically turn on at the specified times, so you can access it remotely. Either way, there are a lot of cases where you might need this feature. So, here is how you can schedule your Mac’s startup, and shutdown timings.

NoteYou will have to keep your Mac connected to Power, if you want to use this feature.

Auto Shutdown or Startup Mac

The steps you’ll need to take, to schedule your Mac’s startup, and shutdown timings are given below:

1. First, head into System Preferences. Here, click on “Energy Savings“.


2. In the Energy Savings preference pane, click on “Schedule”.

Mac Startup Shutdown schedule

3. Here, click on the checkboxes next to “Start up or wake“, and “Sleep”. You can even use the dropdown menu to change the preference from “Sleep”, to “Shutdown”, or even “Restart”. Once you have done that, you can also set the time you’d like to wake your Mac up, or shut it down. Similarly, you can set the timer for “Sleep”, as well, to ensure that your Mac goes to sleep at the time you have defined.

Mac Startup Shutdown setup-schedule-for-startup-and-shutdown

Use Third Party Apps to Schedule Mac Startup, and Shutdown

If you don’t want to use the built in method on your Mac, you can try one of the many third party apps that are available for this very purpose. Some of the apps that you can try out are listed below. Do keep in mind that some of them might not work on macOS Sierra. Make sure you check compatibility before buying these apps.

1. Timer Clock ($0.99 on the App Store)

2. NIWO Slumber ($4.99 on the App Store)

3. Shutdown ($3.99 on the App Store)

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Automate Your Mac’s Startup and Shutdown

Using this method you can easily schedule the times when you want your Mac to shutdown, or startup. It is definitely a cool feature that Apple has offered to its users, and while it might not prove useful for every one, for people who will use it, it’s an extremely great feature.

So, have you ever wished that your Mac could shut down on its own, once you were done using it? Wouldn’t it be easier if you head into work, and your laptop automatically powers on. As always, I would like to know your thoughts and comments on this method, in the comments section below.

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