How to Blur Backgrounds in Skype on iPhone and iPad

Skype how to blur bg feat.

Since the inception of the Novel Coronavirus, it has increased the adoption rate of video conferencing by several folds. So, to cater to consumer demands, companies like Microsoft are adding more and more features to the video conferencing platforms. Recently, we saw the Redmond-based tech giant introduce a ton of features for its video conferencing platform, Skype. Now, the company has added yet another feature to its iOS app that will use AI to blur the background of a user during a video call.

How to Enable “Background Blur” on Skype for iOS and iPadOS

So, here is how iOS and iPadOS users can blur their backgrounds on Skype during a video call:

  • First, download “Skype” from the App Store or update it if you already have it.
  • Next, open up the app and start a video call.
  • Now, at the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the “…” button to open up the additional options page.

Skype how to blur bg 5 1

  • From this list, toggle the “Enable background blur” feature on.

Skype how to blur bg 7

  • Now, your caller(s) will see a nice blur behind you during your video call sessions.Skype how to blur bg 8

So, this is a pretty nifty feature that Microsoft introduced recently. However, as of now, the “background blur” feature is only available for iOS and iPadOS users.

So, Android users, sorry to break it to you, but you guys have to wait until Microsoft officially releases this feature for the platform. However, iPhone and iPad users can take advantage of this feature right away using the above method.

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