How to Stream High Quality Apple TV Movies and Shows on Mobile Data

How to Stream High Quality Apple TV+ Movies and Shows on Mobile Data

When you have an unlimited data plan, there is no harm in watching the best available quality content, is it? By default, Apple TV+ app streams lower-quality content to use less of your data, which is a wise decision considering how fast a full-on binge-watching can gobble up the entire data plan. But what if you have the luxury of an unlimited data plan, wouldn’t you want to stream high-quality Apple TV+ movies and shows on mobile data?  Most probably, you would. To get the most out of Apple’s offerings, let’s customize the TV app’s settings so that it can deliver the best for you!

Watch High-Quality Apple TV+ Movies and Shows on Mobile Data

According to a study conducted by FlatpanelsHD founder Rasmus Larsen, Apple TV+ boasts the highest 4K streaming quality provided by a streaming service that supports 4K. It states that the app uses variable bitrate with a wide span from low to top, averaging 29Mb/s video bitrate and a 41Mb/s peak. Of course, watching 4K videos on iPhone isn’t possible as yet (even though shooting 4K video and selfies seems an old story now). But we can definitely squeeze the best out of the TV app to ramp up video streaming.

1. Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Scroll down and choose the Apple TV icon.

Open Settings app and choose TV option

2. Now, tap on iTunes Videos.

Choose iTunes Videos

3. Next, ensure that the switch for Use Mobile Data for Playback is turned on. Under the Playback Quality section, tap on the Mobile Data option.

Now, select Mobile Data option

4. Next up, choose Best Available to stream high-quality content from now onwards.

Choose Best Available option

Note: By default, Good is selected so that you can watch lower-quality TV shows and movies and be able to save mobile data. But if you have the luxury of plenty of data (like I have), it’s better to stream the top quality content.

Later, if you ever want to cut down your cellular data usage, all you need to do is return to this setting and select a Good option in the end.

Stream Low-Quality Apple TV Movies and Shows on Wi-Fi on iPhone and iPad

What if you have a limited internet plan and want to stream low-quality Apple TV shows or movies to prevent the app from eating into large share of data? Turns out, there is a way to do it as well.

1.Open Settings app on your device > TV > iTunes Videos. 

Launch Settings and hit TV option and then choose iTunes Videos

2. Under Playback Quality, tap on Wi-Fi. 

Select Wi-Fi

3. By default, the Best Available option is selected so that you can watch high-quality content. Choose Good to force the TV app to use less data.

Choose Good option to stream low quality Apple TV movies on WiFi

Note: Depending on your convenience, you can choose to have all of your purchases and rentals in high definition or standard definition. To do so, simply tap on Purchases and Rentals. After that, choose the desired option. For instance, if you have a fast internet connection, go for the High Definition option. When you are dealing with a sluggish internet connection, choose Standard Definition. 

Choose Purchases and Rentals in the desired quality

Watch High-Quality Apple TV Shows and Movies on Mobile Data

So, that’s the straightforward way to stream the high-quality Apple TV content on cellular data. It’s good that Apple has offered this option as unlimited data is available at a very cheap rate in several countries including India. So, if you have plenty of data at the disposal, do not fail to get the most out of this simple hack. On the competition front, Netflix and Amazon Prime may still be ahead in the game but Apple TV+ seems to be poised to take on the bigwigs of streaming services. Let me know what’s the one thing you like most about Apple’s offering in the comments down below.

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