How to Play Wordle (4 Easy Steps)

Wordle is a one-word guessing game that almost everyone has played by now. With only a single game available daily, people usually get it out of the way in the morning before moving on to work. However, many people are still new and don’t know how to play Wordle. If you’re part of that lot and are getting into Wordle, this guide is for you. We have created a step-by-step tutorial teaching you how to play Wordle easily. So let’s jump in.

Step 1: Visit the Official Wordle Website

Note: While Wordle has numerous clones online, there is only one official Wordle game by the New York Times. Furthermore, note that you can use the official NYT Games app to play Wordle on Android or iOS.

  • Head over to the official Wordle website to start playing this popular word game. Once there, click the “Play” button.
An in-game screenshot of Wordle
  • You will now be met by the rules to play Wordle. As you can see, these aren’t anything too complex, so you should grasp them easily. Don’t worry if you only get the basic stuff, we have a guide on Wordle coming out real soon. Once done, click on the “X” icon to close the instructions page.
A screenshot of a wordle

Step 2: Enter the First Five Letter Word

  • Begin by entering a five-letter word that you believe could be the most likely one. Ensure it mixes vowels and consonants. Find out the right word to use with our guide on the best starting Wordle words. Once chosen, press Enter.
How to Play Wordle (4 Easy Steps)
  • Now it’s time to check the letters. As per the rules, when you play Wordle, ‘Green‘ symbolizes a correct letter, ‘Yellow‘ is a correct letter in the wrong position, and ‘Grey‘ is a letter not in the answer.
An in-game screenshot of Wordle showing the word Arise

Step 3: Enter Another Five Letter Word

  • Come up with another five-letter word to continue. Do remember that you only have six tries, so be careful with them. Once sure, press Enter. Once done, you will see the letters again.
An in-game screenshot of Wordle inputting the word Crane

Step 4: Keep Going Until You Get the Word

  • Unsurprisingly, Wordle requires multiple tries before you can get the word right. Continue entering words until you get the correct answer and solve the puzzle once and for all.
An in-game screenshot of the right answer

And that’s how easy to learn how to play Wordle. Remember that you can follow the steps above regardless of the device you are on. So the next time you feel stuck with how to begin, you can refer to this guide. As for how to win Wordle, well, that is another matter entirely, but I believe we can help with that too. We have compiled a guide with some of the best Wordle tips and tricks you should try and make sure you get that word of the day.

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