How Does PvP in Minecraft Legends Work? Explained!

With every passing day, we are not only getting closer to Minecraft Legends’ release date but also learning new things about the upcoming game. We finally know what the PvP action in Minecraft Legends will offer and how it will work, and we can’t wait to explore it. That said, let’s dive in and learn all about the multiplayer PvP mode in Minecraft Legends.

PvP Mode in Minecraft Legends (2022)

We are covering different aspects of Minecraft Legends PvP mode in separate sections. Use the table below to explore all of them at your convenience.

Strategy-Based PvP Mode in Minecraft Legends

As per the official blog post, Minecraft Legends will feature multiplayer servers, where you will have to face not only Piglins but other players as enemies. As a concept, this sounds similar to a survival Minecraft server but is, in fact, even more chaotic. You can attack other players to loot their resources, hamper their progress, or simply stop the expansion of their campsites. The objective of each invasion is to destroy the enemy’s base.

Strategy-Based PvP Mode in Minecraft Legends

Though, when it comes to fighting, your options aren’t any different from the regular campaign. Once you find a player’s campsite in the server’s world, you can then attack it using various weapons and mobs in Minecraft Legends. All the Allays, golems, and other overworld mobs you have recruited to your side will treat the enemy player and their team as hostile.

Minecraft Legends: Public Versus Mode

Each Minecraft Legends server has a Public Versus Mode, which hosts eight players at one time. While joining the server, each player gets to be a part of either the orange or blue team. You can even invite your friends to that server or keep it open for random players to hop in. From the looks of it, the server’s world will be running separately from the main campaign and will offer a procedurally generated but smaller world.

PvP in Public Versus Mode

With the teams in place, you can specifically target players in the other team and attack their bases in groups. Meanwhile, other players on your team will help you expand and protect your own bases. Because of the high dependency on strategies, the game will be highly in favor of teams with good communication. So, make sure to keep your friends ready or find some new ones on these Minecraft discord servers.

Minecraft Legends PvP Mode: Features

At first glance, the PvP servers in Minecraft Legends can appear similar to most strategy games. But here are the features that make them stand out:

  • Limited Resources: Each PvP server has a procedurally generated world with random resources at random places. This opens up MC Legends to a chaotic, slightly unfair, yet fun multiplayer experience.

  • Allay: Much like the main game, Allays will be the main tool for conquering the world. You have to use them to gather resources, clear areas, and create bases. They will not only gather materials for you but also help build your base, attack, and defense structures.

  • Bases: A major part of the PvP experience is creating and protecting your base. Minecraft Legends allows you to create a variety of structures for combat as well as defensive purposes. As the game progresses, you can create higher-quality structures.

  • Ores Selection: Because of the random world generation, you will have to plan your strategy and structures as per the ores you find in each server. Sometimes, you can go all out with diamonds, while other times, you will have to settle with iron or wood.

  • Piglins: You have to fight Piglins as well as enemy players to survive on the PvP server. But, with the right move, you can even use Piglins to your advantage by leading them to the enemy bases.

MC Legends: PvP Mode UI

Maps of Legends PvP

In terms of the general UI, Minecraft Legends’s PvP mode is much like the main campaign. But you get some new indicators for additional support, including alerts about base attacks, a dedicated server map with biome information, and locations of teammates. You can also place strategic markers to gather players and plan your attacks.

MC Legends PvP Servers: Types of Gameplay

Being a part of the Minecraft franchise, Minecraft Legends allows you to treat the multiplayer mode freely in your own way. So, you don’t have to go to war on spawning. Instead, you can go for the following gameplay styles as well:

  • Piglin Attacks: If others players don’t interest you, the Piglins definitely will. You can practice for the main campaign by hunting Piglins on PvP servers. You will have limited and unique resources here, making it especially challenging.

  • Exploration: With its open-world-like procedural world generation, each PvP server is as unique as the best Minecraft seeds. This opens up an endless array of exploration and resource testing.

  • Strategy Testing: Since all the game mechanics in the campaign and PvP remain the same, you can test various gameplay strategies on these servers. If they work on players of various skill levels, they will certainly work with Piglins.
Base Building in MC Legends
  • Base Building: If you are a Minecraft builder, you will enjoy creating bases in PvP worlds. They can be exactly how you want as long as they keep enemies at bay.

  • Combat: Lastly, the main and somewhat intended way to play Minecraft Legends PvP is by protecting your base and attacking other players. It’s more fun with your friends but is even enjoyable with random strangers.

Enjoy PvP Mode in Minecraft Legends

With that, you are now ready to make the most out of PvP in Minecraft Legends when it launches. But there’s still a lot we are yet to find out about the game. So make sure to bookmark this guide and stay up to date with the same. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out all the upcoming features of Minecraft 1.20, which will release right before MC Legends. Having said that, what strategy are you planning to use for PvP in Minecraft Legends? Tell us in the comments below!

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