How Long to Beat Stellar Blade? Answered

In Short
  • It takes about 20-25 hours to complete Stellar Blade's main story.
  • If you decide to do side missions, too, it will take you 25-40 hours to beat the game.
  • However, a full-on completionist run will take about 40-5o hours.

Stellar Blade is a semi-open-world action RPG game that is making a lot of waves worldwide. Shift Up Studios has knocked it out of the park by making a stellar debut (review). If you’re hyped up to dive into the devasted Earth as EVE, you must also be wondering how long it will take you to beat Stellar Blade. Since we have already saved our home, we decided to help you. So keep reading to learn how long it takes to beat the game in all types of runs.

Note: This game’s bosses can be difficult at times. As a result, if you choose a higher difficulty level, any boss could keep you up for a longer period of time, extending the playtime to unknown levels.

While I would normally speculate and give you my best-educated guess, I have something better this time. Thanks to a copy provided by Sony and Shift Up Studios, I recently completed my first playthrough of the game. As such, I have a good idea about how long it will take to complete the game. Furthermore, the game’s director has also shared his thoughts about the playtime of Stellar Blade. According to Kim Hyung-Tae:

“Play time is expected to be about 25 hours for the main story and 30 to 50 hours if you include all the collectibles completion.”

He was right on that. After spending north of 20 hours, I was able to beat Stellar Blade’s main story and a few side missions. After checking my total playthrough and calculating a bit, I realized it would take around 20–25 hours to complete Stellar Blade’s main story.

However, if you want to do side missions, it would take around 30–40 hours to beat the game entirely. Finally, for players looking forward to hunting the platinum trophy for Stellar Blade, a completionist run would take around 30–50 hours. Check out all the times taken to beat Stellar Blade below:

Story TypeTime to Beat
Main Story20-25 Hours
Main Story + Sides25-40 Hours
Completionist40-50 Hours

After my first playthrough, I can confirm that Stellar Blade’s gameplay length coincided with what game director Kim Hyung-Tae. I think a solid 20–25 hours for an action RPG is the ideal length to have an immersive experience without it getting tiring.

How long do you think it will take for you to beat the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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