how to know if someone has blocked you on Snapchat

How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps out there and we have already shared many Snapchat tips and tricks including ways to take screenshot without notifying the sender and disable Snap Maps, to help you use it efficiently. And today we are focusing on a single Snapchat problem that seems to plague most of its users. Snapchat has a privacy feature which allows its users to block anyone. However, there are times when you as a user want to know if you have been blocked by someone or not. So, if you are not receiving a snap from a special someone, here is how you can find out if someone has blocked you Snapchat.

3 Ways to Know if Someone has Blocked You on Snapchat (2022)

1. Check your Snapchat contact list

The first thing you should do to find out if you have been blocked by someone is to check your Snapchat contact list. If you don’t see a particular contact listed on Snapchat, chances are, you might have been blocked. Also, if the contact regularly uploads a story, go ahead and check the Stories tab for any stories from the contact. If there are no stories from the contact, it’s another confirmation of you being blocked.

You can check out your contact list by tapping on the “New Chat” button found on the bottom-right corner of the chat screen.

new chat snapchat check if someone has blocked you

2. Search for username

The next way is to try and search for the person via their username or full name. You can do so by going to the Camera viewfinder screen and hitting the search button. Try searching for the username and if you can’t find anyone with the username, it’s because you might have been blocked. If you have been blocked very recently, you might even see the username but when you tap the add buttonyou will get a message saying “Sorry! Couldn’t find username”.

search for username on snapchat to see if someone has blocked you

3. Try sending a message

One last way is to try sending a message. If the contact you think has blocked you is already in your chat list, you can try sending them a message. If you have indeed been blocked, your message will not be sent and you will get a message saying “Failed to send – Tap to try again”.

send message on snapchat to see if someone has blocked you

Bonus Method: Ask Your Friend or Create a New Account

There’s one more very basic way and this is if you and the contact that you think might have blocked you have a mutual friend. You can then ask your mutual friend to check if they are available on their Snapchat account and if they are, it’s obvious that you have been blocked.

If you don’t want to ask anyone, you can do that yourself by creating a second account. Since account creation on Snapchat doesn’t require you to enter a real email ID (it is only required when you want to verify your account), you can easily create a secondary account and then search for the user using his/her username. If they show up in the search result of your secondary account but not in the search result of your main account, that means you have been blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I text someone who blocked me?

No, you can’t text someone who has blocked you on Snapchat. You will get an error message that says “Failed to send – Tap to try again”.

  • How do you find out if someone unfriended you on Snapchat?

You can check the Snap score. If you can’t see it, the person has unfriended you. You can also open the chat and tap on ‘View Friendship’.

  • What does it mean if I can’t see someone’s Snap score?

If you can’t see someone’s Snap score, it means that you’re not in their friend list. If you were able to see their score before, they have probably unfriended you.

  • When someone unfriends you on Snapchat, can they still see your story?

It depends on your privacy settings. They can see your story if the privacy of your story is set to ‘Everyone’ instead of ‘My friends’.

  • What does a grey arrow mean on Snapchat?

The grey arrow indicates that the person has either blocked you or has not accepted your friend request.

  • Do you lose streak if you unfriend someone on Snapchat?

No. You will lose streak after you cross the 24 hours streak period. If you add the person within 24 hours and send a Snap, you can keep the streak.

  • Will blocking someone on Snapchat delete unopened snaps?

No. Snapchat will not delete unopened snaps and the recipient can still choose to open them.

  • How do you stop someone from seeing a snap you sent?

You can’t unsend Snaps you’ve already sent. Snapchat, however, has an option for unsending texts.

  • Do Snapchats expire if not opened?

Snapchat deletes all unopened Snaps from its servers after 30 days.

  • Can you unsend Snapchat pictures?

No, you can’t unsend Snaps on Snapchat.

  • Can you see if a blocked number has tried to text you?

No, you can’t.

  • Do blocked messages get delivered when unblocked?

You can’t send messages when you’re blocked on Snapchat.

Find out if you have been blocked on Snapchat

These are the only ways to find if someone has blocked you on Snapchat. So, stop living in the confusion and find out if you have been blocked. If you find any other method which is not on the list but works, share it with us by writing in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi,
    So I have a friend In snapchat. I can send snaps to the person and texts too, however I cannot see their snap score and I am able to see his bitmoji. Anyone help?

  2. When I search his name on my friends list, it says no results. Then if I search it in find friends it shows up and says added. If I click on it, I don’t have the option to send snaps or chats and I can’t see his snap score. Also before the arrow showed up grey if I tried sending something and now it’s blue. Am I blocked?

    1. Snapchat is broken. I’m still able to send a message to the person in Snapchat and there isn’t an error message. I know for a fact that they blocked me because I asked them and they told me yes. It does give me an error message when I try and add them though. It’s most likely a block.

  3. I have a friend who blocked me .. anyways i was still able to send him a snap (picture) it got sent and it was a red arrow? But i cant add or chat with him .. any answer?

    1. Same with me. It’s a glitch. They most likely can’t see them. I still see my snap streak with them. It’s most likely a glitch in SC. I was blocked and can still send photos as well. They aren’t showing up as failed though.

  4. Their on my friends list but when I tap on their profile I cant see their snap score or anything all I see is their bitmoji and a recommendation list underneath. I still have the option to unfriend them but I’m scared that if I do and I was still added they’ll feel hurt!

  5. I just can’t find him, he disappeared from my friends list. I saw him send me a message but but I don’t know what did I clicked and I just can’t find him on my friend list. Please help me

  6. Same problem, but its showing they see my messages when I save them but not showing opened, help?

  7. I can see their username, snapscore, etc. but cannot text them or see their stories… Tapping on send message bar does not do anything and sending snaps to them is possible but I can’t view the chat history or anything.. I can see that person has added me back though.. anyone know what could be the problem?

  8. I can still send messages but they’re not opening it. Also, when I look at their profile it says Add Friend, but when I do, it says couldn’t find that username. It’s kinda confusing because I’m not sure if I got blocked, he’s still on my chat list but whenever I search his username, nothing is showing.

  9. so when i was snapping someone it said they left me on delivered which is not common for him so i clicked his bitmoji to see his snap score but it said add friend when ever i press it it say like can’t be found or something like that so did he block me or what happend?

  10. I can see her chat score. Me and her can communicate through messages on Snapchat. But I cannot see her snaps.

  11. I was chatting with someone and today all of a sudden the user name is different and not response

  12. I can search user by user name but cant send her message, get an error ( failed- Tap to try again) wo am i blocked or not ?

  13. So he saw my stories and was in my friend’s list, then he name is under other snapchatters and I can’t click on his name, and can find him to add as a friend

    1. What a coincidence… except, I’ve thought this person has blocked me before and instead their account was deactivated. I was able to send a message, but then I logged off. Logged back on. And they disappeared. Did they deactivate their account? Did they actually block me? I have to wait to find out and it’s frustrating.

      1. Maybe they just deactivated or they blocked you. Maybe ask the person if they deactivated. Persons name doesn’t appear in friends list. I thought I was blocked too, I searched for username didn’t see it and I made up another account (or you can ask friend also) and I searched didn’t find their name. I think this means a deactivated or deleted account. When you get unfriended, you can’t see score and says add friend.

  14. So the contacts name has emojis after it in my phone book

    What if its only their first name comes up in the camera home screen Search for friend ,

    but when you go to the “add friend” section in snap chat & search their user name their & the name you saved them as in your contacts with the emojis comes up in that section?

  15. What if like you could still send someone messages and it’s still blue. But all of a sudden you go to their profile and it says,”add friend” but when you press on the button nothing happens?

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