How To Find People On Snapchat

Snapchat is a great app that lets you send self destructing images and videos to your friends. It becomes way more interesting, if you are connected to more of your friends, interesting people and celebrities on Snapchat. If you haven’t yet installed Snapchat, install it from from here (iOS, Android).

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to find people on Snapchat

1. Open the app and swipe down. Tap on the ‘Add friends’ option.

Snapchat 1

2. A new screen opens up that shows two options for adding friends on Snapchat.

  • Either you can add people by typing their username.
  • Or you can add people from your phone’s address book.

Snapchat 2

If you know Snapchat username of the person you are trying to connect to, type their username and add as friend by tapping on plus sign.

If you don’t know the username, you can ask their username via Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter.

If you are trying to add someone famous, you can find their Snapchat username on their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Snapchat 3

You can also add friends from your phone’s address book. Just tap on ‘Add from Address book’ option and on the next screen you can tap on ‘continue’ to proceed.

Snapchat 4

Snapchat will once again ask you to confirm. Once you confirm, it will take you to the next screen.

Snapchat 5

Now, you will start seeing your contacts who are on Snapchat. You can add them directly by tapping on the ‘plus’ sign adjacent to their name.

For the contacts who are not on Snapchat, you can invite them too.

Snapchat 6

Bonus: Add Friends via QR Code

Apart from the above mentioned ways of adding people on Snapchat, there’s one more unique way.

Let’s say you met someone at the party, and you decided to connect with him on Snapchat. Instead of asking for the username, all you have to do is to open snapchat on your phone, and point it to the ghost icon of other person’s snapchat. Tap on screen once, and you’re connected.

Snapchat QR Code

The Ghost icon works as QR code and every user has their own QR code. You can take screenshot of the ghost icon of your profile and share it among your friends on other social sites. They can point their Snapchat on the QR code to add you. Simple, isn’t it?

So, that’s how you find and add people/friends on Snapchat. If you face any difficulty, feel free to ask in comments.

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  • Afreen says:

    I m searching a guy he’s not giving me his id he’s not adding me on snap but I want to view his stories please help me

    • Alina says:

      Add me on Snapchat :Alinar2526

  • Andreanna Tovar says:

    I am trying to find the name of a person on snapchat. I know the username but i dont know the person. They keep messaging but not telling me who they are. How can I find out?

  • Lei'Lani Richardson says:

    My fiancé has a Snapchat after we decided not to have one how do I find out his username without him telling me it?? Please help

    • Gina says:

      Uhm. If you’re paranoid about his activities maybe you shouldn’t get married. Sounds a little controlling to want to find it without just asking him. Show some damn trust. -Happily married gal.

    • Abbey mayl says:

      Sneak on his phone or ask one of his close friends for it

  • April says:

    Long story short, this guy in my class asked me out and we forgot to exchange numbers and so I tried getting my friend to get his number though snapchat and she isn’t answering but I don’t know his username or number so please help me!!

  • Martin Skelding says:

    When I try to add someone famous I type I the user name but there’s no add button even though their picture is there. Why is this?

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