Where to Start Manga After Kaiju No. 8 Anime?

In Short
  • The debut season of Kaiju No. 8 adapted the manga from Chapter 1 to 38, covering up to the Kaiju No. 8 Captured Arc.
  • You can start reading the manga from Chapter 39 to learn about the events after Kaiju No. 8 Season 1 finale.
  • The manga will lead you to the Kaiju Weapon Arc, which is the fifth arc of the series.

One of the most anticipated anime of Spring 2024, Kaiju No. 8, concluded with the 12th episode on June 28, 2024. The anime’s concluding moments, showing Kaiju No. 9 planning its next move, have the fandom curious about the manga’s further events. So, if you wonder from where should you start reading the manga after Kaiju No. 8 Season 1, here’s the answer.

Where to Start Reading Kaiju No. 8 After Season 1?

From Kafka Hibino’s demonic transformation to him getting captured, Season 1 featured it all and more. However, it’s not over for Kaiju No. 8 as Naoya Matsumoto’s original manga series has much to deliver. The anime series has already been renewed for a sequel, and Kaiju No. 8 Season 2 is now in production.

Kafka Hibino from Kaiju No. 8
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Fans who can’t wait for Season 2 and want to know about the events that take place after Season 1 can start reading the manga from Chapter 39.

It’s the last chapter of the Kaiju No. 8 Captured Arc and further introduces us to Gen Narumi in his natural habitat. It also sets the stage for the fifth arc of the manga, i.e. the Kaiju Weapon Arc. As the name suggests, the arc features how Kafka goes from being a Kaiju to one of the strongest members of the First Division. Kaiju No. 9 shows up with his plot to capture Kafka, and there’s a lot more for readers in store. The Kaiju Weapon Arc is spread across Chapters 40-55.

After the Kaiju Weapon Arc, the manga features the Compatible User Arc, Cataclysms Arc, Second Wave Arc, and Last Wave Arc. At the time of writing this article, the manga boasts 109 chapters, and it is ongoing. So,we have no clue where the story will lead or what will happen to Kafka at the end. However, it’s exciting to know that Kaiju No. 8 will be with us for several seasons.

How Does Kaiju No. 8 Season 1 End?

Mina Ashiro from Kaiju No. 8
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The debut season ends with the Kaiju No. 8 Captured Arc, covered up to Chapter 38. This arc and the Cataclysms Arc of the manga are the shortest, so it makes sense that the Kaiju No. 8 Captured Arc was almost fully adapted in the last two episodes of the anime.

In the final two episodes we saw the chief of the Kaiju Defence Forces enters the game. After the confrontation with Kafka’s Kaiju No. 8, he decides that they can use Kafka’s Kaiju powers to fight other Kaijus. However, initially, he tries to pull out the Kaiju living in Kafka’s body. After that, he informs Kafka that the Defence Forces will only keep him alive if he continuously proves his worth to them.

As Kaiju No. 8 joins the forces and with Kaiju No. 9 plotting something sinister, we will see Kafka fight other Kaijus in the anime’s second season. So, be ready for a more action-packed sequel than the first one.

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