How to Get Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley

In Short
  • Prismatic jelly is a special one-off item you can get by killing prismatic slimes inside mines in Stardew Valley.
  • After you get prismatic jelly, give it to the Wizard to complete the "Prismatic Jelly" special order quest.
  • You'll be rewarded 5,000 gold and a recipe for a monster musk item, which spawns more monsters around you.

As you probably know, there are lots of quests in a game like Stardew Valley. Some are story quests and others are “Help Wanted” quests. However, since the 1.5 update, there are also “Special Orders” quests in the game. These tasks are more difficult than the regular quests and therefore provide more valuable rewards. Today, we will go over one of those quests, or to be exact, an item needed in one of those quests. With that said, let’s see how you can get prismatic jelly in Stardew Valley.

What Is the Prismatic Jelly Quest

Prismatic jelly is an item you need to complete the Wizard’s “Prismatic Jelly” quest. This is one of the Special Orders you can get from the Special Orders board. This board is unlocked during the cutscene that plays on Fall 2, Year 1.

It will appear in front of the Lewis’ house and the new quests will be available every Monday. Just right-click the board and click on the “Accept Quest” button to start the quest. The order prismatic jelly appears in is the “Prismatic Jelly” order.

You will have a total of seven days to complete it, but this is a fixed value. This means if you accept this quest on Saturday, you’ll have only two days left to complete it. So, make sure you check the board every Monday to not waste time. Also, you can have multiple special orders active at once. This is the text you’ll see:

“I require assistance in tracking down the rare and dangerous prismatic slime, within the local caves. Bring me a jar of its prismatic jelly and you will be duly rewarded.” – M. Rasmodius

Special order for the Prismatic Jelly

Where to Find Prismatic Jelly

Your job is to find the prismatic slime in the mines, quarry mines, or Scull Cavern. You then need to kill the slime, get one prismatic jelly, and give it to the Wizard in Stardew Valley. This slime has a 1.2% chance of replacing one of the already-spawned slimes. You can further influence this chance with the daily luck value.

So, it’s best to wait for a good luck day to venture into the mines in search of the prismatic slime. Check your TV and when the fortune teller says that the spirits are very happy, and they will do their best to shower everyone with good fortune, then you know that’s the day you should try to find this slime.

Player next to the prismatic slime

It constantly cycles through rainbow colors, so it’s rather easy to spot in mines. Prismatic jelly is a guaranteed drop, so don’t worry about the odds. However, the twist is that this prismatic slime is more powerful than the regular slimes.

It has a high HP of 1000 and attack damage of 35, so if you don’t own or use the slime charmer ring, killing it might be a bit tricky.

Make sure you dodge its attacks and hit it as much as possible. Cornering will also help you gain an advantage over it, so you can continuously damage it. If it does bring you to low HP, be sure to eat food and replenish health. Finally, when you manage to kill this slime, you will have the prismatic jelly.

What to Do with the Prismatic Jelly

The only use for the prismatic jelly is to give it to the Wizard. You cannot sell this item, nor obtain it if the “Prismatic Jelly” quest is not active. If you get the prismatic jelly after you complete the quest, or it expires, the item will disappear.

So basically, it’s a one-off item you can get. Once you get it and the quest hasn’t expired yet, you can visit the Wizard in his tower on the far left of the Cindersap Forest and give him the prismatic jelly. After the dialogue, you’ll receive 5,000 gold and a recipe for a monster musk item the next day in the mail.

Player giving prismatic jelly to the Wizard

Monster musk is a special item you can use to spawn more monsters around you in the mines, Scull Cavern, and volcano mines for 10 minutes. The number of monsters will double, yielding more opportunities for loot. You’ll need 30 slime and 30 bat wings to craft the monster musk. Moreover, once you’ve completed this quest, it will no longer appear on the special orders board.

Just like that, you know now what the prismatic jelly is, how to find it and use it in Stardew Valley. This and a bunch more quests are available to you in thegame, so if you want to be a completionist, get to work right away!

What level is best for prismatic slime?

The prismatic slime can spawn on any level in the mines. You can start from a deep level, explore 5-10 levels, and use the elevator to go back to the top. Then repeat this process until you find the prismatic slime. Though you can also stick to the beginning levels, so you go over them faster. I found the prismatic slime on the 16th level with maximum luck, so perhaps try the upper levels first.

Can you keep prismatic jelly?

No, this item will disappear after the quest is done or expired.

Can you sell prismatic jelly?

No, you can’t sell the prismatic jelly.

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