How to Get Melon Seeds in Minecraft

Minecraft offers a variety of food items, and one of the most unique among them is the melon seeds. Unlike other crops, melon takes two blocks to grow. The only other crop that does this is pumpkins. But melons are much harder to come across than pumpkins in this game. That is why we are going to cover how to get melon seeds in Minecraft for your farm, survival, and even for special crafting recipes in this guide. The methods detailed below will work the same on Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. To top it off, we will also cover how to use melon seeds and the variety of ways they can be useful in the game. Now, unless you want to level up your crafting using one of these best Minecraft mods, let’s get started.

Get Melon Seeds in Minecraft (2022)

Thanks to the diversity of Minecraft worlds, there are a variety of ways to get melon seeds in Minecraft. You can use the table below to discover the method you want to follow. You can even skip to the seed’s usage if that interests you.

Four Easy Ways to Find Melon Seeds in Minecraft

Starting with the basics, there are four different ways to find melon seeds in a Minecraft world. These methods are as follows:

Find Melon Seeds in Chests

If you are lucky, there are certain in-game chests that have chances of spawning with melon seeds in them. These chests can be found in:

  • Dungeon
  • Mineshaft
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Bonus Chest (Bedrock Only)

Among these, Mineshaft chests have the highest chances of spawning with melon seeds in them. So, don’t forget to loot chests while exploring these locations to get melon seeds in Minecraft.

Trade Emerald for Melon Seed

Wandering Trader in Minecraft

Unless you are in a custom multiplayer server, you can get melon seeds in exchange for an emerald. Remember that this is a trade you can only do with a wandering trader. Unlike regular villagers, this mob randomly spawns around us. They usually only spawn after one in-game day has passed.

A good way to find a wandering trader is by looking for llamas that spawn around it. This is one of the rarest ways to get melon seeds in a Minecraft world.

Find Melon Seeds in Jungles or Villages

If you come across a naturally generating melon or melon stem, you can break it using your hand, a tool, or any in-game block. Irrespective of how you break it, you can get up to 3-5 melons and 0-3 melon seeds from it, making this method the easiest to find melon seeds in Minecraft. Not every melon will drop seeds, but the chances are rather high. The locations where melons naturally spawn are as under:

  • Jungle Biomes
  • Savanna Villages
  • Desert Villages
  • Tillage Rooms inside Woodland Mansions

Craft Your Own Melon Seeds

At times, breaking melons only gives you melon slices. But don’t lose hope yet. If you make a crafting table in Minecraft, you can place the melon slices in its crafting area. Doing so will immediately convert your melon slices into melon seeds. There’s no crafting recipe for it, so you can place the slice anywhere in the crafting area.

If you do not get melon seeds using any of the aforementioned methods, this is the most simple way to make melon seeds in Minecraft.

How to Sow or Use Melon Seeds in Minecraft

Other than the food, one of the best uses of melons is to make a Potion of Healing. But for that, let’s see how you can use the melon seeds in Minecraft to grow melons. And don’t worry, your attempt to get melon seeds in Minecraft was the harder part. Sowing is really simple. Let’s take a look at how it works:

1. To begin, look for grass or soil blocks in your Minecraft world. These blocks can’t be directly used to plant the melon seeds. But these are the base blocks we need to use to grow crops.

2. Now, you need to make a hoe to till the soil or grass blocks. You need 2 sticks and any tool-making blocks such as wooden planks, iron, gold, etc. Place the sticks in the center of the middle and bottom row of the crafting area. After that, fill the first two cells of the crafting area’s top row with wooden planks or other similar items. You hoe will be ready for immediate usage. You can drag it to your inventory.

3. To use the hoe, approach the soil block and right-click on it or use the secondary action key. The soil or grass block’s texture will change immediately, and it means the soil is now tilled. Now, your blocks are ready, and you can sow your melon seeds on them.

4. Finally, equip your seeds and right-click on the tilled block. Doing so will immediately sow the seed. Make sure there is water near these blocks to irrigate our crops. Not to forget, leaving an empty block next to a melon seed ensures uninterrupted growth.

Additionally, you can use melon seeds to feed parrots and chickens if you are building a farm or base in your Minecraft world. Some players even use it for composting, which is a great use of this item.

Easily Find Melon Seeds in Minecraft

Whether it’s the new Minecraft 1.18 update or an earlier version, farming is something the community collectively enjoys in this game. But if discovering melons still feel like a challenging task, you can get a head start using our Minecraft village seeds. These will spawn you right next to the best villages to exist in the game. Among these, at least one can definitely fulfill your hunt for melons with ease. And if hunting melon seeds is adventurous for you, the next quest can be looking for diamonds in Minecraft 1.18. Melons aren’t edible but can surely level up your game, unlike anything else. So, until you plan your next adventure, happy farming!

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