How to Add a Workout to Apple Watch Manually

Apple Watch is a feature-rich wearable that lets you track your workouts and exercises to achieve your fitness goals. If you are dedicated to staying on top of your activity rings, you need to make sure that all your workouts are counted. In case you forgot to take your Apple Watch to your gym sesh, you need not freak out. You can add a workout to your Apple Watch manually. Don’t forget, you can track your sleep and adjust your workout goals to build a personalized fitness regime and improve your overall health. That said, let’s discuss how you can add a workout to Apple Watch manually.

How to Manually Add Workout to Apple Watch

If you forgot to start the workout, you can manually add the missed workout to your Apple Watch using the Health app on your iPhone. Unfortunately, you can’t add a workout or exercise minutes directly from your Apple Watch itself. But you need not worry, as it takes a minute or two to manually add a workout to Apple Fitness. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open the Health app on your iPhone which you’ve paired with your Apple Watch.

2. Navigate to the Browse tab and tap Activity.

3. Scroll down, choose Workouts, and tap Add Data from the top-right corner.

4. You can now enter your workout details, including activity type, calories burned, distance covered, and when you started and finished your workout. If you don’t know the activity type, just select Others.

5. Once you have entered your workout details, tap Add.

Manually Adding a Workout on iPhone

This information should update your Activity rings. To check your progress, you can head to the Health app on your iPhone or the Activity app on your Apple Watch. 

How to Remove Workout from Apple Watch

There can be instances where you’ve entered incorrect workout details on your Apple Watch. If this is the case, here are the steps to remove a workout from your Apple Watch.

1. Head to the Fitness app on your iPhone and make sure you’re on the Summary tab.

2. Tap Show More alongside the Workouts section.

3. Then, tap All Workouts, and you will see the list of your workouts.

4. Swipe left the workout you want to remove from your Apple Watch and tap on Delete.

5. You can choose “Delete Workout & Data or “Delete Workout Only. This will delete the workout from your Apple Watch.

How to Start Workout from Apple Watch

If you are about to start a workout and have got your Apple Watch ready, recording your workout data in real-time will give you the most accurate results. Follow the steps below to start tracking your workout from Apple Watch itself. 

1. Open the Workout app on your Apple Watch.

2. Browse through the workout options and find the one you want. Now, there are two ways to start a workout via your Apple Watch.

3. If you want to track a workout on Apple Watch without time, distance, or other settings, simply tap the workout icon, and it will start automatically.

4. If you want to set a goal for your workout like time, distance, or calories, tap the three dots.

5. You can start your workout with the default settings or customize them to suit your preferences. Tap the edit option (available alongside every setting), make changes, and tap Done. Now, go back to the chosen workout and tap it.

6. Then, you will see a 3-second counter. You can wait for it or tap on the Apple Watch’s screen to skip it.

7. You can now start your workout.

8. To end your workout, go to that workout, swipe right, and tap End. You can also choose to start a new workout. If you need a break, you can choose to Pause your workout session and then Resume it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add workouts to Apple Watch after a workout?

Yes, you can manually add a workout to your Apple Watch if you forgot it earlier. For this, you will need to navigate to the Health app on your iPhone.

How do I add exercise to my Apple Watch later?

On your iPhone, open the Health app -> Browse tab -> Activity -> Workouts. Then, tap Add Data, enter your workout details, and hit the Add button to manually add exercise to your Apple Watch after you’ve finished your workout.

How to view Apple Watch workouts on iPhone?

Open the Fitness app and tap the Summary tab. Alongside the Workouts section, tap Show More and choose All Workouts to view your Apple Watch workouts on your iPhone. You can tap a workout to see its details, including time spent, active kilocalories, and more.

How do you add a workout to your Apple Watch if you aren’t wearing it?

If you aren’t wearing your Apple Watch during your workout, you can manually add activity type, calories burned, and other details in the Health app on your iPhone.

Will manual workout contribute to my fitness rings?

Yes, when you add workouts to your Apple Watch manually, they will contribute to your Move and Exercise goals. Your rings will update automatically to reflect your added workouts. It’s worth knowing that your manual workouts won’t contribute to your Stand Goals on Apple Watch. Now, that’s because this data is based on the motion sensor of your watch and there’s no way to add it from your manual workout.

How does the Apple Watch track my workouts?

An Apple Watch uses several data sources, including an acceleration sensor to track movement & speed, a GPS sensor to measure distance, and an optical heart rate sensor to understand the overall exertion on the body. The iWatch then uses the gathered data to analyze calories burned during a workout and other important metrics.

Which workouts and activities does an Apple Watch support?

You can track Walk, Run, Elliptical, Cycling, Rover, Stair Stepper, Hiking, HIIT, Yoga, Dance, Functional Strength Training, Cool Down, Tai Chi, Pilates, Swimming, Wheelchair, Multisport, Core Training, and other activities on an Apple Watch.

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