Hermitcraft Season 10 Start Date Revealed

Official Hermitcraft logo and season 10 text below it
In Short
  • Hermitcraft is one of the biggest Minecraft SMPs of all time and the new season 10 is just about to begin.
  • You can expect first episodes to come out on February 3, 2024.
  • Two new hermits will be joining this group of Minecraft players, but it's not certain who they are.

Due to Hermitcraft being one of the biggest Minecraft servers of all time, after the end of season 9, everyone’s been eager to find out when season 10 will come out. Well, lucky for you, hermits have announced the beginning of the next season, and that’s what we’ll be covering today. So, if you’re a Hermitcraft fan, then get ready for the start date of the new season.

So, believe it or not, hermits have already recorded the beginnings of the first episodes. And in just a couple of days, they will be uploading them to YouTube. So, the date on which we’ll be able to enjoy the first episodes of Hermitcraft season 10 is… drumroll, please… February 3, 2024!

Yes, that’s right, in just a couple of days, you’ll be watching your favorite hermits, which some claim to be one of the best so far.

New Hermits in Hermitcraft Season 10

Season 8 introduced two new hermits to our favorite group of Minecraft players, and this season, we can expect the same. Yes, Hermitcraft Season 10 will add two more hermits. How do we know that?

Well, there have been some teasers and leaks, such as the logo on the Hermitcraft website changing to include two Minecraft avatar silhouettes.

Image Courtesy: Hermitcraft/Official Website

Not only that, but an X post from xisumavoid has further led us to conclude that we’ll be watching new hermits in season 10. But who those people could be? Leave your guesses in the comments below! Apart from the new additions to the Hermitcraft gang, we can expect to see all other hermits play in this new season.

With that, you now know when Hermitcraft season 10 starts and who will participate in it, well, mostly anyway. As a big Hermitcraft fan, I can’t wait to see what hermits have in store for us after the longest-running season of Hermitcraft ever. So, if you feel the same way, don’t forget to share this article with other Hermitcraft enjoyers!

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