Brace Yourself, the Automatons Are Back in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 players fighting the forces of Automatons
Image Courtesy: Arrowhead/Helldivers 2
In Short
  • In a shocking move, the Automatons have made a return in Helldivers 2.
  • Back with a larger fleet, they are currently attacking the planets of Chort Bay, Lesath, and Menkent.
  • Players have a collective 24 hours to ensure the robots cannot advance the battlefield.

Just when I thought I could turn off my PC after eradicating Automatons in Helldivers 2, they are back yet again. Just like me, Helldivers around the globe now have to get off their one-minute government-sanctioned break and fight the forces of robots once again. However, this time, the fleet is deadlier.

As shared on the official X account (formerly Twitter), the socialist Automatons are back. According to the tweet, the previous invasion was a ruse. And, as of now, a bigger fleet has started assaulting Cyberstan and all nearby planets.

The current galaxy map

One quick look at the war map shows that the Valdis sector is overrun by Automaton troops in-game. Currently, players need to hold back the robot forces at Chort Bay, Lesath, and Menkent. Each planet currently has a 24-hour timer to hold the forces at bay.

The current Automaton battlezone in Helldivers 2

When I told my colleagues this was the calm before the storm, I didn’t expect it to be this quick. As mentioned above, it wasn’t until yesterday that everyone was celebrating the destruction of Automatons. In Operation Swift Disassembly, the forces of Super Earth banded together and cleared every sector of the robots. This briefly removed Automatons from the game for good until today.

This means the plans of adding Illuminates and Cyborgs might be on hold for a little longer. But this also means that the mysterious rogue item that appeared today might have some significance amidst this surprising attack. Still, it is worth mentioning that I have barely seen any developer taking advantage of the live service model in such a creative way.

So, will you join the battlefield of Helldivers 2 to help your fellow divers fight against the Automatons? What are your plans? Let us know in the comments below.

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