Mysterious Rogue Item Appears in Helldivers 2: Unintentional Bug or Intended Tease?

Catalog Expansion Featured
In Short
  • A mysterious Helldivers 2 ship module has appeared on the game's ship management screen.
  • Called the Catalog Expansion, it claims to improve Hellpod steering. Unfortunately, players failed to purchase it.
  • The developers clarified that this was an unintended bug. However, many wonder if that is true or if this is a tease for something bigger.

As Helldivers around the world are enjoying their government-sanctioned break after eradicating the Automatons, another mystery has popped up on friendly ships. Spotted by fellow Helldivers, the mysterious element is in the form of a new module added in the game’s ship management menu. But what is this module and why is it perplexing everyone?

The strange revelation comes from the official Helldivers 2 subreddit. Spotted by u/iSaltyParchment on Reddit, the PSA mentions a rogue item called the “Catalog Expansion” has appeared in the ship management menu.

Catalog expansion

As can be seen from the description, the catalog expansion module claims to ‘Improve steering for Helldivers during Hellpod deployment.”

However, a comment by the game’s community manager, Baskinator (Katherine Baskin), has made it clear that it is a bugged item and not to be installed. Doing so may mess with your resources. Nonetheless, the mod has also mentioned that this points towards hints of new ship modules coming our way.

However, judging by how everything has been going in-game, I cannot help but think this wasn’t a slip-up but an intentional tease. Maybe this was a remnant of code from the development days. Maybe they are building new ship modules and stratagems for the next update, and this slipped through the cracks.

For now, Helldivers can only wait and see what is required for the game. After all, I am curious about what happens in this universe, after we finish the current Super Earth major order.

Let us know if you managed to sneak a peek at the rogue Helldivers 2 ship module catalog expansion in the comments below.

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