Will GTA 6 Be Cross-Platform? Explained

In Short
  • Besides all the much-deserved hype around GTA 6, a big question many gamers have is whether the title will be cross-platform.
  • Unfortunately, Rockstar Games has provided no official information confirming or denying GTA 6 coming with cross-platform support.
  • However, given the previous trend of the developer not supporting gameplay across consoles, we doubt GTA 6 will support it.

GTA 6 is undoubtedly one of the biggest upcoming game launches. Even though the GTA 6 trailer mentioned the launch is still a year away, many other questions have arisen. One of those questions is whether GTA 6 will be a cross-platform game. With GTA 5 online and Rockstar purchasing CitizenFX, it’s to be expected. Well, we gathered all the speculated and expected information we could find. So, let’s talk about whether GTA 6 will be cross-platform.

Let’s address the question we all want to know: Will GTA 6 include cross-platform gameplay? Unfortunately, Rockstar Games hasn’t shared any information on whether GTA 6 will be a cross-platform title.

One important thing to note is that Grand Theft Auto 5 was not a cross-platform title. GTA Online followed the same trend with the game’s multiplayer being restricted to its own platforms. So while were don’t have any official info, we doubt that GTA 6, or at least its multiplayer mode, will be a cross-platform game.

Lucia in GTA 6
Image Credits: Rockstar Games

Nonetheless, Rockstar Games has some history with GTA Online and even Red Dead Online, so we do expect the upcoming sequel to have online gameplay. And with Rockstar Games already invested in purchasing CitizenFX, which is the backbone for the popular FIVEM and REDM roleplay, there has to be a vested interest in online play.

GTA 6 will be coming on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S with a possible future PC port. As such, we are holding out a small amount of hope. Since most current-generation videogames have cross-platform support, we hope the upcoming title has it too.

A Brief History of Online Gaming in GTA Games

Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games/GTA 5

We must remember that GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption are the only two Rockstar-developed games that support online features. Outside of this, only GTA Online got the most developer support between both games. When the game first launched on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, both the game’s online environments were separate.

Neither of the two-player bases had any means of interacting with each other. The main reason is that the console ecosystem was not well-versed in cross-platform features at the time.

However, the concept gained traction when Fortnite opened the floodgates for the best cross-platform games to take hold. Console manufacturers also changed their stance on it. Now, cross-platform has become an integral feature of any modern online video game.

However, Rockstar Games was adamant about not adding it to their future re-releases. The reason might be the PC player base and its rampant hacking issue.

And since Rockstar Games cannot be picky about the cross-platform feature, they might’ve preferred to opt out of it altogether. That would have saved them the headache of dealing with hackers.

Sadly, we can only speculate on GTA 6 being cross-platform until we get concrete information from Rockstar Games. Fortunately, we are a few months away from the holy June-September month when most developers share more information about their upcoming projects.

With that, we might get some substantial information from Rockstar Games. Do you think GTA 6 will be cross-plaform? Let us know in the comments below!

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