GoPro’s New “Lifestyle Gear” Line of Products Includes a GoPro Water Bottle and a Cap

Gopro lifestyle gear feat.

The San Mateo-based camera manufacturers, GoPro is best known for its amazingly stabilized, compact action cameras. The company has released various versions of its high-tech “Hero” action cameras (which you can now use as webcams too) over the years. Now, it is venturing into the merch industry with the introduction of a new line of outdoor gears under its brand name.

So, the new line of products by the camera-manufacturer, “Lifestyle Gear” includes various accessories with the prominent “GoPro” logo. The new product line includes nine products, as of now, including rugged backpacks, duffel bags, hard and soft camera bags, a “GoPro” water bottle, and a “GoPro” cap.

Now, according to reports, the company’s move to expand its product line comes as it is struggling to stay relevant in the market for its steep camera prices since the past few years. And as the market for outdoor gears brings sufficient profit margins most of the time, the company aims to raise its value in the near future.

Coming to the prices of the “Lifestyle Gear” products, they are pretty expensive, to be honest. I mean $30 (~Rs 2250) for a water bottle and $25 (~Rs 1870) for a cap does not sound cheap at all.

However, considering the goodwill and the reputation of the brand, these products have the potential of becoming popular amongst the GoPro lovers who like to go outside for some crazy adventures. Moreover, the company also has the opportunity to extend the line by adding more similar products in the future.

So, if you are a GoPro-ist (that’s a word, right?) and want to get your hands on the new products, you can check them out on GoPro’s official website.

VIA Techcrunch
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