Google’s Social Gaming Startup ‘Arcade’ Will Debut This Summer

Google is Developing a Social Gaming Start-up Called ‘Arcade’, First Mobile Game to Arrive in Summer

Earlier this year, reports emerged that Google is working on a subscription-based streaming service aimed at gamers which might be launched on Chromecast. Word was it would arrive on an entirely new gaming console made by Google. Those rumors have now faded away, and a new report from Bloomberg says Google is developing a gaming startup with a bent on social media and community.

Google’s gaming startup is reportedly called ‘Arcade’, and it will focus on creating a mobile gaming platform where users can register easily to enjoy social games. Bloomberg says Arcade’s first game with elements of trivia will arrive this summer.

Google’s Social Gaming Startup ‘Arcade’ Will Debut This Summer
Michael Sayman is the founder of ‘Arcade’ at Area 120 (Image: Michael Sayman)

A Google spokesperson confirmed that Arcade is currently under development at the company’s Area 120 division. “It’s a very early experiment so there aren’t many details to share right now”, a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying by Bloomberg. The spokesperson further added that Google considers Arcade a social media investment, as the platform will eventually become a hub of social activity once enough users start engaging on a regular basis.

Arcade is led by 21-year old Michael Sayman, who was hired by Facebook at the age of 17. He later joined Google to serve as a Product Manager in the Google Assistant team. Google is reportedly providing funds and backing for recruitment and business development for Sayman’s Area 120 startup.

Games developed by Arcade will not ask users to create profiles using social media accounts or email address. Users will only be required to give their mobile numbers, which indicates that Arcade could be cross-platform at launch. As mobile gaming evolves, interactive elements such as those popularised by HQ Trivia will take over every gaming category and this is likely to keep increasing as VR and AR become the interface of choice in the future.

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