Dark Mode for Google Search on Desktop Under Testing; Might Roll out Soon

Google Search dark mode

After rolling out the dark theme to most of its mobile apps, Google is now looking to bring its search engine on the web to the dark side. The company tested a dark theme for Google Search on desktop over the weekend. It was available only to select users and is no longer live for any of the initial testers.

Users took to Reddit and social media to share that Google Search was displaying web results in dark theme. They didn’t have any extensions or flags enabled. The dark theme here looks similar to the mobile dark theme for the Google app. It paints the background gray, with links shows in blue (and purple), and the accompanying black text blocks are shown in white.

Here’s what the dark mode on Google Search for desktop (or web) looks like:

google search dark mode test
Image Courtesy: Reddit/u/Pixel3aXL

Also, if you did not notice, the dark theme will paint the Google logo white. This might change for Google Doodles that celebrate an occasion or commemorate certain people. The testers encountered this theme on both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Plus, the theme seems to be ready for prime time, so it is only a matter of time before Google makes it available to all desktop users.

If you are someone who loves the dark mode life and wants to paint all pages in deep shades of black, then go follow our guide on how to force dark mode for webpages on Chrome. It should work with most Chromium browsers, including Opera and Edge.

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